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    “This Is True”: James Gunn Shares Heartbreaking Update On Upcoming DCU Show ‘Waller’ And The Possible Connection To ‘Suicide Squad 2’

    James Gunn’s envisioned DCU has finally begun to shape up with the development of Superman‘. However, Gunn has also been looking over other projects that will be a part of DCU’s new chapter. He will also look after Peacemaker and ‘Waller‘ which will make its jump from DCEU to DCU.

    While actors of ‘Peacemaker’ dropped an exciting update about its second season, fans can’t help but wonder about another DCU series ‘Waller‘, which revolved around Amanda Waller, a powerful political figure. However, the DC head dropped a disheartening update about the series.

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    James Gunn Reveals ‘Waller’ Will Be Delayed

    Amanda Waller
    Amanda Waller

    After leaving Marvel, James Gunn is planning a strategy that is the opposite of what Marvel is following. As MCU is focusing on films over series, Gunn is rebuilding DCU, focusing more on series. The upcoming show ‘Waller‘ will focus on the works of Amanda Waller and the creation of Task Force X which will be a part of DCU.

    Gunn brewed excitement among fans by dropping updates about the show, sadly, the recent update on Gunn’s Threads post left the fans disheartened. Due to the strikes, the show has been pushed back and will be released only after ‘Peacemaker‘. Also, as writers Christal Henry and Jeremy Carver are already cooped up in the writers’ department, Gunn disclosed that the show will simply be delayed.

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    ‘Waller’ Has Ties With ‘Suicide Squad 2’

    Amanda Waller and The Suicide Squad
    Amanda Waller and The Suicide Squad

    Amanda Waller has been a crucial part of the DC Universe has ties to several espionage and law enforcement agencies and is the commanding officer for the expendable field team Task Force X. Since the update of ‘Waller‘, the fans have been excited about the project dropping theories about the series connection with ‘Suicide Squad 2’.

    According to fan theories, The Rock’s ‘Black Adam’ showcased the security prison which is a Task Force X black site located in Antarctica. However, the prison was not strong enough to contain ‘Black Adam’ and the other metahumans. It is widely acknowledged that Amanda Waller has been in charge of Task Force X, meaning that Waller could pick and choose the strongest villains in the DC Universe to create her new and improved Suicide Squad. 

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