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    Marvel Vs DC: Which Company Has More Superhero Teams?

    Marvel and DC are the only two franchises triumphing in the superhero fiction genre. The two companies have been in constant competition, dividing the fans into two teams. Every year, Marvel and DC introduce new characters or revive the existing comic characters and bring them to life on the screen. Since the 1940s the two companies have been fighting over better-looking superheroes, good graphics, and visual effects.

    Marvel and DC consist of numerous original superheroes, but few look the same, with their abilities, personalities, and backstories being borrowed from the other company. Since their establishment, both companies have come up with new superheroes, teams, and also plotlines.

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    DCU Will Have More Superhero Teams Than Marvel

    Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad as Amanda Waller
    Viola Davis in ‘The Suicide Squad’ as Amanda Waller

    While talking about the superhero teams, the Avengers from Marvel have gained immense popularity over the Justice League. While Avengers is the face of Marvel’s superhero team, Justice League and Suicide Squad are prominent DC teams. Like Nick Fury, Amanda Waller was closely associated with creating more teams than the Suicide Squad, including Checkmate and Shadow Fighters. She is also associated with the Justice League.

    James Gunn taking over the DCU and dismantling it to form his version of DCEU will witness many new faces, and interesting plotlines and will feature many lesser-known characters. The DCU is set to produce more superhero teams, especially with Gunn’s history of using less famous heroes and villains.

    Viola Davis will reprise her role as Amanda Waller, the government agent responsible for creating teams like the Suicide Squad. Waller has a history of creating and affiliating with various superhero teams, which makes her more suited for the role of team-maker than Batman in the DCU.

    The Original Superhero Teams Of Marvel Comics

    Marvel charecters
    Marvel characters

    Teams like the X-Men, the Avengers, and The Justice League are the backbone of some of the comic’s most popular titles. The Young Allies were the first Marvel superhero team featuring Bucky Baner, Knuckles, Jeff, Henry, and Washington. The All-Winners Squad was another super team from Marvel’s Timely Comics days that consisted of popular heroes, including Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner, Whizzer, and Miss America.

    The Fantastic 4 are known as Marvel’s first family, but they were the third team to premiere in the Marvel comics. And then are the now-forgotten team named Howling Commandos, but they were not a hit among the fans as none of them had powers. Then came one of the most creative and popular teams the X-Men that debuted in their self-titled comic. Avengers and X-Men featured during the same time, but the former was the answer to Marvel’s rival team DC’s Justice League.

    The Inhumans are unique from other teams because of their popularity or lack thereof. It took ten years after their debut for The Inhumans to get their title and it only lasted for two years. The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ was not as much of a hit as the 2014 Guardians movie was. However, the fans were charmed by Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The Defenders have had a rotating roster over the years. Over 50 Marvel heroes have been on the Defenders at one point or another. Alpha Fight, the Canadian superhero team continues to be popular, and many fans have been hoping for an MCU adaptation of Alpha Flight for a while now.

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    Marvel Vs DC: The Best Superhero Team

    DC vs Marvel
    DC vs Marvel

    The out of the result is different in the comics and in the visual medium. While in the comics, the fans are in favor of the Justice League, it is not the same on the visual platforms. There are numerous Superhero teams out there from both franchises, yet only two teams dominate the superhero genre, Justice League from DCU and Marvel’s Avengers.

    The most iconic comic characters Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman belong to Juarice LWafue, but by default making it the best Superhero team. The Justice League isn’t comics’ first super team crediting to DC’s Justice Society. The League did improve on the concept of the JSA however, by having all three of DC’s trinity in leading roles. That made them a true All-Star team.

    However, due to his gritter and darker themes, the fans are switching over to Marvel, which provides a complex story structure. Although DC has Justice League, Marvel has upped its games by introducing multiple teams like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Eternals, each with different and unique characteristics.

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