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    Who Was The First Marvel Comics Superhero?

    Marvel is one big franchise in today’s world. When it first debuted a long time ago, it was just a collection of comic books. But as time progressed, the franchise expanded and more things were added to it including TV shows and comic books.

    The films and TV shows have managed to receive a highly positive response from the audience except for a few. They are still loved by the people for being faithful to the comic books’ storylines and characters. Well, everyone is aware of the history of MCU but possibly most of us don’t know much about how Marvel Comics evolved and the first superhero who was originally featured.

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    The First Superhero In Marvel Comics

    Human Torch was the first superhero in Marvel Comics

    To clarify everyone’s questions, the answer is that the first superhero of Marvel Comics was the Human Torch. There were two other characters included with him and they were Namor the Sub-Mariner and Angel.

    The first Marvel Comics was published back in October 1939 andTimely Comics was involved in the process. By 2007, digital comics started to be published and The Walt Disney Company purchased the parent company of Marvel Comics in 2009.

    It was the decision of the comic book editor to continue with the story of the ‘Human Torch’ despite that two more characters were also introduced alongside him. Artist Carl Burgos was the mastermind behind the ‘Human Torch’ and his story was also written by Carl.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Human Torch

    Human Torch is a founding member of the Fantastic Four

    Also known as Jim Hammond, he was an android that was a creation of Professor Phineas Horton. He could surround himself with flames and as a human, he was working with the New York City Police Department as an officer. He was also involved in the discovery of Namor.

    The character was strengthened by the 70s and he also made a cameo in the form of an exhibit in Captain America: The First Avenger.’ As he is an android, he is more durable compared to a normal human being. He can generate radiation and has the ability of thermokinesis and mentally control the ambient heat energy.

    But like everyone else, he also has a weakness and here it is water or other things that are used to extinguish the fire. Moreover, he cannot hold his plasma form for more than 16 hours.

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