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    DC Vs Marvel: Which Is The Older Franchise?

    Both DC and Marvel are two of the biggest franchise/studio in the Hollywood industry. Every year, they churn out various films, shorts, and television shows across the globe. In terms of financial dominance and influence, they are clearly above most names in the entertainment field.

    However, one interesting thing worth digging into is which one of them came first into existence. Since both sides have strong and solid fan bases, this is a question worth answering. So let’s take a deep dive into the history of both the DC and Marvel franchises.

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    The History Of Marvel And DC

    Marvel vs DC
    Marvel vs DC

    In 1934, DC Comics came into existence as National Allied Publications. The name was changed to DC in 1977, taking the name from their Detective Comics series featuring Batman.

    Marvel’s precursor called Timely Comics was founded in 1939. It went through several name changes and was finally named Marvel Comics in the early 1960s. The rivalry between the two goes back to 1996 when a comic book miniseries about their crossover was released.

    In terms of having characters, DC played a much significant role in comic book history in the 1930s. Marvel took a while to catch up around that time. In the 1960s, Marvel came up with several popular characters which boosted its success.

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    The Oldest Superhero In Both The Franchises

    DC vs Marvel
    DC vs Marvel

    When it comes to having the oldest superhero under their bucket, DC takes the cake here. In 1938, they released ‘Man of Steel‘ in Action Comics #1 which is now considered influential in comic book history.

    It had Superman at the forefront with various superpowers. Like he could run faster than a train and could leap on huge buildings. His superpowers evolved over the years.

    In 19389, Marvel introduced Jim Hammond in the story ‘The Human Torch‘ in Marvel Comics #1. Hammond is still considered to be the first superhero in Marvel comics. In the 1960s, it introduced a variety of superheroes.

    When it comes to internet searches, both franchises have their fair share of popular superheroes. Spiderman, Hulk, and Captain America fall under Marvel’s umbrella while Batman and Superman are DC’s properties.

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