‘The Flash’: James Gunn Receives Backlash For Poor CGI Of Upcoming DCU Movie

The new trailer of ‘The Flash’ has mind boggled the fans. However, the expected criticism soon caught up with the hype train. James Gunn and the film’s director, Andrés Muschietti were praised that the 2023 ‘The Flash’ would be one of the best superhero movies in DCU. While some claim that the visual effects of the film shown in the trailer are an amateur’s work.

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According to the new trailer, Flash will go back in time to undo his mother’s murder. And from enough movies in the past, we know time is sensitive and fickle if played with. Barry’s attempts lead the universe split into a multiverse. Much is expected from the upcoming film. New versions of Barry will be introduced, there will be a Supergirl, Kara, instead of Superman. Micheal Keaton will be Batman once again. And an old alien villain from ‘Man of Steel’ will return.

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Backlash Against ‘The Flash’ Movie

As soon as the trailer of ‘The Flash’ was released, Twitter started flooding with hatred against James Gunn. It is evident that recently DC has had a drop in the popularity bar. Fans are disappointed since major stars like Henry Cavill and Dwyane Johnson were signed off from the DC universe.

The failure of ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam 2’ added to the string of disappointment. And bringing Micheal Keaton as Batman for the new film has set off a warning bell in the minds of the audience. Micheal Keaton is no doubt an excellent actor and surely an amazing Batman. Nonetheless, we can not help but ask whether the situation in the production is desperate.

Despite having an intriguing storyline, ‘The Flash’ is facing the threat of boycott from fans. Ezra Miller is a talented actor and has given outstanding performances in not only DC movies but others like in the ‘Fantastic Beasts’ franchise. But the actor in the past two years has been accused of crimes that have made fans decide to boycott the film.

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Miller allegedly choked a woman in Iceland in 2020. According to the Independent, he groomed and psychologically manipulated an eighteen-year-old. Moreover, he has been accused of possession of arms. All these indictments have created a serious dislike for the actor and DC fans demand his exit.

one fan wrote, “I think the fact that Ezra Miller is still in the Flash movie proves that under Capitalism, cancel culture only really exists when it doesn’t hurt a company’s profits too much. Warner Brothers decided that making money was their top priority even if the movie stars an abuser.

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James Gunn is gonna ruin DCU. Ditching Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and possibly Gal Gadot is pure BS. Rewriting the ending of the Flash movie and now taking out Michael Keaton proves he gonna destroy DCU,” Wrote another fan on Twitter.

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‘The Flash’: Release Date, Cast, And More

The trailer released on 13 February 2023 reveals that ‘The Flash’ will be out on 16 June 2023. The film will be shown at your nearest cinemas. The trailer is very explicit about what we have to expect from the upcoming film. Much like Peter in ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ (2021), Barry will also break time.

New metahumans like Supergirl will be introduced for the first time in the film franchise. Sasha Calle will play Supergirl also known as Kara. Ben Affleck and Micheal Keaton will play the role of Batman.

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Despite the backlash and controversies, DC has already prepared a sequel for ‘The Flash’. The production wanted to reset the universe without Ezra Miller but decided to go with him since he started treatment. The sequel is written by David Leslie Johnson- McGoldrick who wrote the Aquaman films. The next Flash, Aquaman, and Superman movies will lead the DC universe into the next phase.

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