5 Reasons Batman Never Trusts Anyone In Justice League

Justice League
Justice League

History on and again proved that anything more important than power is trust. Trust is essential for being a team player, from an ordinary human species to a caped crusader. Throughout the comics and movies, fans have witnessed Batman fighting off the bad guys and single-handedly managing to protect Gotham City.


Bruce Wayne witnessed the death of his parents at a very young age, and since then he decided to hide his grief and inner pain. Gotham City’s protector prefers to fly solo because he can only rely on himself. More importantly, Batman is a detective-turned-superhero and the first rule of being a detective is not to trust anyone. Here are the 5 reasons he never trusts anybody in the Justice League.

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Being A Hero Is The Epitome Of Sacrifice


Being a hero consumes a lot of oneself, most definitely resulting in sacrifice for the greater good. Batman looks out for the greater good even if his loved ones get killed. He expects the same from the other members of the Justice League, which unfortunately does not seem to be reciprocated.


From the Amazonian Warrior to Flash, everyone makes protecting their loved ones the priority, which seems intolerable for Batman. The Dark Knight believes in duty and no one can stop or come in between, Deep down Batman knows that the members of the Justice League will never change their priorities which ends up with him not trusting them. He believes that they will throw away the mission if their loved ones are at risk of getting killed.

Batman’s Dark Past Casts A Shadow

Death of Batman's parents

Every DC comic fan is aware of Batman’s dark past. Over multiple issues of Batman comics, the Dark Knight grew out of the colorful adolescent and became a dark and terrifying hero. Bruce Wayne is a wealthy industrialist, who witnessed the murder of his parents at a very young age. This led him to create an alternate persona of Batman. That night Bruce Wayne took an oath to spend his life fighting crime.

The Dark Night also imposed a no-kill rule on himself because Bruce understands the pain of losing loved ones and believes that not everyone in the Justice League can incorporate this policy. This is one of the primary reasons why Batman hesitates to trust the members of the Justice League.


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Batman’s Feud With Wonder Woman 

Batman's fued with Wonder Women

During the New 52 in the Wonder Woman Annual, Batman and Superman teamed up to learn more about the immortal Amazon warrior. Diana doesn’t like being spied on, so Wonder Woman ordered both caped heroes to place their hands on her Lasso of Truth. Since the lasso is able to extract certain facts from people’s mouths, Superman was unable to hide his secret identity and revealed both names, Clark Kent and Kal-El.

Though Batman was able to keep his real name hidden, he was furious that the special lasso looked deep into his heart. Since the very beginning, Batman was never a team player and always felt it unnecessary to share personal details with the group. However, Wonder Woman and Batman did not trust each other mutually. Also, Bruce Wayne was extremely guarded regarding his trauma and did not want to seem vulnerable, hence he was infuriated when Wonder Woman ordered him to place his hands on the Lasso of Truth.


Batman Hates Being Mind-Controlled

The Light

Along with Superman going rogue, Batman also worries about someone mind-controlling both of them and the rest of the Justice League. To Batman’s horror, that’s what happened in Young Justice. As part of Reach’s invasion in ‘Young Justice: Invasion’, The Light took mental control of the Justice League, forcing the heroes to commit crimes on the planet Rimbor.

However, Batman and the rest of the League were rescued from mind control. This led Batman to become cautious regarding revealing classified information to Justice League. Even the strongest of heroes can be weak in mind and that’s what scares Bruce Wayne, hence restricting him to trust Justice League. 

Batman Was Kicked Out Of Justice League

Justice League.

In the Tower of Babel, it was revealed that Batman used his first-hand knowledge of the Justice League’s individual weakness to develop contingency plans against all his teammates just in case any of them turns rogue. Right here, Batman suffers from major trust issues.


However, Ra’s al Ghul breaks it and the League votes for Batman to be cast out. Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and Plastic Man vote in favor of Batman being kicked out, whereas Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern vote against them. Since the majority of votes were not in Batman’s favor, he was kicked out of the Justice League.

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