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    Is MCU-DCEU Crossover Really A Good Idea?

    MCU and DCEU are two franchises that have been receiving mixed to positive responses from the audience and critics. Both sides have planned several projects that are scheduled to be released sometime in the future.

    Although MCU and DCEU have witnessed the inclusion of several superheroes in a single project that includes ‘Avengers‘ and ‘Justice League‘ respectively, audiences have frequently questioned a crossover between the two superhero universes. A few have also speculated that a crossover would possibly break several box office records. Let’s check if the project is possible.

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    MCU And DCEU Crossover Could Be Problematic

    MCU and DCEU crossover seems impossible for now

    James Gunn, who is now the new head of DC Studios, had addressed a possible MCU/DCEU crossover. The recent DCEU projects have received a mixed response and there have been comparisons between the projects directed by Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan.

    Creating a crossover will need several years of hard work. For now, a crossover sounds premature because DC is yet to work a lot on their characters and storylines compared to Marvel.

    Coming to Marvel, they are currently going through a bad phase following the mixed response to the Phase Four and Phase Five projects. So, a crossover will possibly not work if it is confirmed.

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    Marvel And DC Crossovers Have Not Been Memorable In The Comics

    MCU and DCEU crossover might tank at the box office

    It must be noted that Marvel and DC crossovers have happened in the comics. The publishers have tried to bring entertaining stories for the readers but they have not been so successful. The only two storylines that received a kind of positive response include the ‘Civil War’ storyline and the Blackest Night Saga.’

    Studio Politics Will Come Into Play

    DC vs Marvel
    DC vs Marvel

    There is another issue that could play a role in the failure or cancelation of the crossover, and that is studio politics. This is a problem that has existed for a long time.

    The writers from both sides would attempt to give the best for their characters and this would lead to dispute and conflict. Fans will surely expect to witness all the characters getting equal screen space and this will be impossible even if the writers plan for a movie with a duration of three hours.

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