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    Did Christopher Nolan Ruin The DCU With His ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy?

    Christopher Nolan is one of the most celebrated filmmakers of all time. Known for his big-budget movies, Nolan is often credited for successfully bridging the gap between art house sensibilities with blockbuster storytelling. ‘The Dark Knight‘ trilogy is a milestone in his career.

    He made ‘Batman Begins‘ at a time when the superhero genre was dying a slow death because of its laughable adaptations. Nolan changed the game with his films through masterful storytelling. But it seems that in the long run, he ruined the DC universe in a way.

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    Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’ Had A Long Lasting Impact

    Christopher Nolan
    Christopher Nolan

    Batman is an iconic superhero character these days. But things were a bit different in the late 1990s and early 2000s. People had witnessed some really bad big-screen renditions of the Caped Crusader.

    The franchise was in bad waters and Warner Bros. was trying to rescue its age-old flagship brand. Amid a list of young filmmakers, Christopher Nolan was chosen by the studio. He was a relatively small filmmaker at that time (with only three films under his bucket). The studio apprehensively gave him the mantle to direct an origin story of Batman and the rest is history.

    The film became a massive critical and commercial success and spawned two sequels. Its serious tone and no-nonsense approach changed the earlier established tropes of the superhero genre.

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    It Started A Lot Of Nolan Wannabes

    Heath Ledger as Joker in 'The Dark Knight'
    Heath Ledger as Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’

    After its success, we saw several superhero films that tried to ape Nolan’s style of storytelling. A prominent example is Zack Snyder and his superhero flicks. Nolan’s trilogy was the pinnacle for DC, which was hard to repeat.

    Snyder’s films failed to connect with anyone and were unnecessarily grim and dark. Since then, DC has been struggling to compete with Marvel when it comes to churning out successful projects.

    While Marvel experiments with its characters and sometimes take risks, DC keeps changing its Batman and continues to do so with little success. One thing that makes Nolan different from the crowd, in this regard, is he knew when to stop.

    Despite severe pressure from the studio to make more Batman films, Nolan concluded his trilogy with ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ That is something very few filmmakers are willing to do. Unknowing, Nolan created something that had both good and bad repercussion for the DC brand.

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