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    DC’s 4 Completely Failed Copycat Spider-Man Characters You Didn’t Know About

    Since the beginning of superheroes, it has always been DC vs Marvel. Both superhero franchises are known for creating copies of each other’s characters. Fans are aware that the comic book industry is no stranger to the idea of borrowing ideas from competitor companies, and not once, four times DC has copied Marvel’s beloved hero – Spider-Man.

    Not all superhero comics can deliver quality-level content including a progressive character arc, alongside creative and attractive artwork. And the irony is that DC comics are far more successful than the Marvel comics and yet it failed four times trying to replicate Spider-Man.

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    DC’s Attempts At Recreating Spider-Man

    1. The Bugg

    The Bugg

    The Bugg appeared in the eight-issue ‘Batman: Family‘ mini-series and then was completely forgotten by fans as DC Comics dropped the character. He used his ability to attach himself to walls and turn invisible to spy on people and set up surveillance cameras for the Network. His obsession with surveillance turned him into something of a voyeur, constantly invading people’s privacy to watch their lives like a movie.

    It was revealed that the insect-themed spy turned to his life of crime because he was adopted by the Network after he witnessed his parents gunned down. Somewhere on the same lines as Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben’s death, emphasizing the importance of role models. Basically, he became the darker version of Spider-Man. 

    2. Black-Spider

    Black Spider

    Black Spider was the first and the most obvious copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man but in a form of a deadly assassin. Black Spider appeared as a part of Detective Comics by Gerry Conway. He was originally an assassin who targeted drug dealers within Gotham City and murdered them which caught Batman’s attention.

    It started off with a dark introduction – a typical DC style, but later became more comical and light-hearted. Later in 2011, Young Justice Black Spider was relaunched by Grey Weisman and Kevin Hopps. This version came equipped with genuine web-slingers and hundreds of quips and jokes he told at the expense of the teenage superheroes he fought within the comic.

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    3. Sideways


    Just like the Marvel counterpart Spider-Man, Sideways was a normal high school student who received immense power by accident and had to learn the importance of responsibility after losing a close parental figure. Other than similar character traits, Sideways has a different set of powers and skills. Instead of sticking to walls or shooting webs, this blue-and-white hero had the ability to open dimensional gateways and manipulate gravity and has his own thirteen-issue solo series.

    Sideways also teamed up with Superman and Zatanna along the way. But unlike the other Spider-man knock-offs like The Bugg and Black Spider, Sideways is neither a satirical parody nor an impression of the evil Spider-Man archetype.

    4. Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle
    Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle might be the closest version to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Although the connection is fairly obvious, as both heroes have bug themes and bright colorful costumes. Other than that their civilian identities are normal, they are the overlooked teenagers just trying to make their way into the world while balancing out their superhero duties. 

    However, according to various sources, the DC character shares a striking resemblance to Venom rather than Spider-Man.

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