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    5 Spider-Man Variants That Have Totally Different And Unique Powers

    It’s not just Spider-Man now, it is a Spider-family. Marvel Comics has created a vast multiverse that includes many interesting, unique, and compelling versions of Spider-Man. Thankfully not all are named Peter Parker, their names are as different as their abilities. 

    With the latest release of ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’, the fans will be delighted to watch various variants of Spider-Man in a single universe including Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider, and Pavitr Prabhakar. Here’s the guide to the 5 Spider-Man variants that have totally different and unique powers.

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    Ghost Spider

    Even Marvel fanatics know that Gwen Stacy is Peter Parker’s love interest, who faced a tragic death during a combat against Green Goblin. Ghost Spider was originally known as the Spider-Woman. In the Earth-65 version, Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. 

    Gwen quickly became known as Spider-Gwen to fans, but later she adopted the name Ghost Spider when she began closely working with the Spider-Man of Earth 616. The Ghost Spider almost shares the same powers as Peter Parker, but what makes her different from Peter Parker is the Venom symbiote that further increases her strength and abilities.

    Japanese Spider-Man

    Japanese Spider-Man

    Takuya Yamaashiro was the Japanese Spider-Man and he possessed the same abilities as the classic Spider-Man including super strength, crawling on walls, and also spidey-sense. 

    The only thing that makes him different from the original Spider-Man is his giant robot, Leopardon. The Japanese version can control and pilot a giant robot that uses a sword and shield. Takuya and Leopardon returned to save the day on various occasions in the Spider-Verse event. 

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    Kaine Parker

    Kaine Parker

    The Spider-Man Clone Saga of the 90s was both loved and hated by fans. It introduced a lot of strange elements in the Spider-Man mythos. However Ben Reilly is a fan-favorite clone from the saga, but Kaine also debuted around the same time. He was an incredible character whose redemptive character arc started in Clone Saga which established his own Scarlet Spider series.

    Kaine possessed altered and enhanced powers by his clone degeneration, different from Peter Parker’s. Also due to an ancient prophecy involving Spider-Totems, Kaine could also transform into a giant tarantula-like monster. He uses his form during Spider-Island and again when he defeated the leader of the Inheritors in Spider-Verse.

    Miles Morales

    Miles Morales originally appeared in the Ultimate Universe of Earth-1610 and made the time jump to the 616 mainstream reality. He was bitten by a genetically modified spider that gave him slightly different abilities that has the possibility to make him the strongest Spider-Man around. Morales worked alongside Peter Parker, who in turn was impressed by his work.

    Similar to Spider-Man, even Miles Morales shares the same abilities including the speed, strength, and agility of a spider. But additionally, he developed a camouflage ability as well as one of Spider’s greatest secret weapons, the venom blast. It is a devastating bio-electric shock that can instantly eliminate deadly enemies. 

    Cosmic Spider-Man

    Cosmic Spider-Man

    On Earth Peter Parker still possessed the Enigma Force of Captain Universe. This cosmic energy was incredibly powerful, and whoever wielded it becomes one of the most powerful beings in their universe. Earth 13 Peter was calm, cool, collected, and could also manipulate matter and energy in his universe to extreme degrees. 

    The particular story arc was written by Dan Slott. Spider-Man and Women from across the multiverse join forces to stop the Inheritors and make a wild story that gave much entertainment to Spiderman fans.

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