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    Jason Momoa’s ‘Lobo’ Finally Has The Perfect Director Under James Gunn’s DCU

    Stan Lee’s favorite DC character Lobo may have a special role in James Gunn‘s DCU. According to reports, director Michael Bay is associated with the film based on the character. The filmmaker is known for taking movies with terrible characters and turning them into masterpieces with his magic. Jason Momoa also teased a Lobo movie during the promotion of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘.

    Bay was considered for this DCU movie earlier. He’s also one of the Warner Brothers’ favorite directors. A screenplay was submitted for the movie but none of the filmmakers were selected for the enormously expensive production. Jason Fuchs was engaged to write the screenplay, however, the movie was never completed. The idea of Bay helming ‘Lobo‘ was met with skepticism from the fans. After Jason expressed interest in playing the part, he again became the topic of lively conversation among the DC fans. It seems like Bay can handle the storyline of the movie perfectly.

    In September 2009, Warner Bros. made the initial announcement of a Lobo movie and Guy Ritchie was roped in to helm the movie, according to Variety.

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    Characteristics Of Lobo

    meet Lobo
    meet Lobo

    Lobo is a white-skinned cigar-champing anti-hero. He first gained notoriety as a parody of gritty Marvel Comics heroes like Wolverine. His character was compared to that of Deadpool as he has a nasty mouth and extraordinary healing abilities. Hence Warner Bros. signed Bay for the project.

    Later in 2012, WB hired Brad Peyton to write and direct the movie. At the time, Dwayne Johnson was also considered for the role. However, in 2018, the project was given to Michael Bay. Following the DCU cancelation of the movie, Jason Momoa also started teasing the further production of the movie.

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