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    10 Best Marvel Comics Villains

    Marvel is currently one of those franchises that have been earning a lot in terms of its films and movies. The MCU would not have existed without the comics and they have contributed a lot to the expansion of the entire Marvel universe and the characters.

    MCU made its debut with ‘Iron Man’ back in 2008 but the comics have existed for a long time. MCU is well-known for not following the exact premise of the comic books but the characters, especially the villains, have been adapted well from the comics for the big screen. Just like the movies, it’s true that the comics also feature some of the most intimidating villains. Let’s check a few of them.

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    1. Apocalypse

    The X-Men have witnessed themselves confronting a lot of villains but Apocalypse is one of the most dangerous among all of them. He has always aimed to destroy humanity and his powers do not know any limits which makes it hard for anyone to defeat him.

    2. Loki

    Loki is a villain but the best part is that he is the brother of one of the most powerful superheroes in the comics, Thor. However, they are enemies despite being siblings and he is also known for being one of the first villains who took down the Avengers by himself.

    3. Doctor Doom

    Doctor Doom has been portrayed as one of the most dangerous villains in Marvel Comics and he is also a powerful ruler of Latveria. Doom considers himself a hero and he thinks that the world can be a better place with him as the ruler. Despite being known as a powerful villain, the character was not adapted well in the films.

    4. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin is considered to be one of the biggest enemies of Spider-Man. The duo has confronted each other on multiple occasions throughout the years. He is always equipped with a glider that has pumpkin bombs.

    5. Venom

    Venom is one of the symbiotes that have played an important role in the storylines of Marvel Comics. Eddie Brock always wanted to take revenge on Peter Parker and the doors opened for him when he was attached to a symbiote. He is always considered a dark version of a hero and he can prove to be a villain and an anti-hero occasionally.

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    6. Galactus

    Compared to other Marvel villains who aim to destroy humanity and take over the world, Galactus is one of those who destroy planets across the galaxy. Galactus always sends his heralds to do his work but he is still dangerous and powerful.

    7. Ultron

    Ultron was originally created by Hank Pym to be a robotic peacekeeper but he eventually turned against the superheroes team. He does not have any sympathy inside him and it is his robotic body that makes it impossible for anyone to defeat him. He is also one of the most intelligent villains in the history of Marvel Comics.

    8. Carnage

    Carnage is another one of those symbiotes who has an important part in the plot of comic books. He is attached to Cletus Cassidy, who is a serial killer. The symbiote’s color is red and he can change his hands into different kinds of weapons.

    9. Magneto

    Magneto has been featured in most of the X-Men movies and he can control metal objects. However, the one thing that makes Magneto unique is his occasional feeling of sympathy and is the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

    10. Thanos

    Thanos was considered to be one of the most intimidating villains in the MCU and he has been the same in the comic books. He has been portrayed as a villain against the Avengers in the comics and compared to the movies, he wiped out half of the universe in an attempt to impress Death.

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