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    “Please Don’t Believe Everything You See On…”: Reba McEntire Sets The Record Straight After Taylor Swift Super Bowl Spat

    Rumors swirled faster than a twirling lasso, but Reba McEntire is here to rope in the truth about her alleged tiff with Taylor Swift. Now our queen Tay is no stranger to criticism, even from fellow celebrities, but Reba saying something shady about Swift was a comment hard to swallow, thanks to her boldness no one had to.

    The 68-year-old singer and actress is a well-known name in the industry and has always been taken with support for her fellow artists. The ‘I’m a Survivor’ songstress recently performed at the National Anthem at the 2024 Super Bowl held in Las Vegas. And that is the birthplace of the spark that turned into a fire Reba had to extinguish by finally addressing it. 

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    Reba McEntire Setting The Record Straight

    Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 2024
    Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 2024

    It all started with a post on America Loves Liberty Facebook page claiming that McEntire branded Swift as “an entitled little brat” for having a great time at her boyfriend’s game.

    According to the post, the bad word going around was that during McEntire’s 2024 Super Bowl performance of ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, she spotted Swift giggling and chugging beer with her gal pals.

    The post even alleged that McEntire claimed to have given Swift a piece of her mind backstage, In words “I let her have it afterward.”

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    McEntire recently took to her Instagram to shut down these rumors by posting a screenshot of the false claim. The country singer paired it with a caption that set the record straight. “Please don’t believe everything you see on the Internet,” she wrote, clarifying that she never uttered those words about Swift.

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    Reba McEntire On Taylor Swift

    Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 2024
    Reba McEntire and Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 2024

    In her Instagram post, ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ singer not only refuted the rumor but also showered Pop Princess Swift with praises. Her caption further read, Taylor is a wonderful artist, strong role model, and has done so much good for so many people and the music industry.” McEntire’s stance underscored the importance of not jumping to conclusions based on social media speculation.

    The internet, being the internet, took the rumor and ran with it faster than a bull in a rodeo. The America Loves Liberty post garnered over 3,300 shares and 1,600 comments, with many users chiming in with anti-Swift sentiments. However, whoever is behind the account quickly backpedaled, acknowledging McEntire’s denial with the comment “Oh my. Reba McEntire herself responded to our nonsense.”

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