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    “Proud Of The Kindness And Grace I’ve Given Myself”: Suki Waterhouse Embraces Her Postpartum Body After Delivering Baby

    British actor and singer Suki Waterhouse shared a body positivity post on social media with a message of empowerment for all women. She is normalizing the physical changes that follow pregnancy by showing off her postpartum body in her recent Instagram post.

    The couple, Robert Pattinson and Suki welcomed their first child recently and she took to share her thoughts as a new mother and the highs and lows she had throughout her fourth trimester, thanking God for the experience and acknowledging the changes.

    “The fourth trimester has been… humbling! the postpartum period has been filled with exhilarating joy, so much laughter, tears, so many hormones!” she wrote. “I’m proud of everything my body has achieved and proud of the kindness and grace I’ve given myself during this recovery period.”

    She is seen wearing Frida Mom’s underwear, with a milk bottle in her hand. She seems comfortable in her in her cozy fit. People are positively reacting to her new post. Earlier this week, Pattinson and Waterhouse were seen with their newborn baby sharing a Polaroid picture of the baby in their arms. “Welcome to the world angel” is what she wrote. Since then the couple hasn’t shared much about the baby.

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    Fans Reactions To Suki’s Empowering Post

    Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse
    Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse

    Suki Waterhouse’s social media post embracing her postpartum body left many people in amazement. Everyone responded positively to it and expressed their admiration towards her for sharing the unknown side of the pregnancy, which is typically not shared by most celebrities.

    Remarks such as “Stunning”, “Mother is mother-ing“, and “thanks for empowering us” were made by the Instagram users. They even showered their blessings on the newborn baby, making it a wholesome experience for new mothers.

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