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    Rita Ora Set To Star As Queen Of Hearts, The Iconic Villain In Disney’s ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red’

    Disney’s much awaited ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red‘ will see pop sensation Rita Ora embrace her inner villain. Ora is set to play the legendary Queen of Hearts, a part that promises to bring excitement and mystery to the much-loved ‘Descendants‘ series.

    The newest episode of ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red,’ explores the lives of the adolescent progeny of some of the company’s most notorious bad guys. The Queen of Hearts, a figure from the classic ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ is well-known for her cruel personality and catchphrase, “Off with their heads!” Here’s what Rita Ora would add to the character in the upcoming film.

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    Rita Ora Put Significant Efforts To Hone Her Portrayal Of Queen of Hearts

    Rita Ora as Queen of Hearts
    Rita Ora as Queen of Hearts

    By choosing Rita Ora to play the iconic character of Queen of Hearts, Disney is making a bold move. The film ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red‘ will dig more into the history of the Queen of Hearts, tracing her path and the events that made her one of Disney’s most dangerous enemies.

    According to an exclusive disclosure made by Entertainment Weekly, to become the Queen of Hearts, Rita Ora underwent a significant mental and physical metamorphosis. The character’s iconic look, complete with a heart-shaped haircut and vibrant apparel, will wow fans. To ensure that her portrayal of the Queen of Hearts is perfect, Ora worked closely with the film’s makeup and costume teams.

    Ora threw herself into the role, reading through the original ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ narrative as well as other Queen of Hearts versions. Because of her commitment to the part, it’s anticipated that the Queen of Hearts will develop into a complex, relatable figure rather than merely a terrifying foe.

    Rita’s interpretation of the Queen of Hearts is nothing short of breathtaking,” said the film’s producers. “She’s brought a depth to the character that we’ve never seen before. Fans are going to love her!

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    ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red’ Will Bring A Brand New Plot With The Classic Villain

    Rita Ora
    Rita Ora

    Along with Rita Ora, ‘Descendants: The Rise of Red‘ will include a superb ensemble cast that will introduce new characters to the mystical world of ‘Descendants‘ as well as some well-known faces.

    Keeping loyal to the spirit of the ‘Descendants‘ series, director Jennifer Phang’s film promises a new plot. Red, the disobedient daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and Chloe, the happy daughter of Cinderella, will be the central characters of the story.

    Speaking about the same, director Jennifer Phang shared her excitement about the project. “We’re taking audiences to a whole new world with Red and Chloe, and we’re thrilled to have Rita bring her powerful presence and talents to this movie. She is a true force of nature,” she said.

    Rita Ora also expressed her excitement for the role, stating, “I am beyond thrilled to join the ‘Descendants’ family as the iconic Queen of Hearts. It’s an honor to bring such a beloved character to life and add my own twist to her story.” This enthusiasm is shared by the cast and crew, who are also eager to see Ora’s unique interpretation of the character.

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