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    Ryan Reynolds Wants These Disney Movies to Be Rated R. Fans Have Hilarious Reactions

    Ryan Reynolds is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood of his generation. He has garnered a strong fan following not only because of his acting chops but also for his charming personality and wit.

    Deadpool‘ and ‘Logan‘ will be crashing on Disney+ soon. They’ve become the first two R-rated films on the family-friendly platform. Reynolds took to Twitter on Thursday to take a dig at the ‘house of mouse’ for some of their classics which according to him are traumatic and deserve R-rating as well. Fans obviously had much to say about Ryan’s concerns.

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    Ryan Reynolds Takes A Dig At Disney

    Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds

    The 49-year-old actor took to Twitter before the two superhero films ‘Logan‘ and ‘Deadpool‘ dropped on Disney+. He poked fun at the entertainment company and posted four restricted, red rating cards for four films that, using context clues, one can easily identify.

    He tweeted, “We’re supposed to announce Logan and Deadpool will soon be the first R-rated movies on Disney+. But we all know some Disney movies should already be rated R for irreversible trauma.”

    The first note reads, “The following beloved animated classic should NOT be approved for all audiences be they minors, miners, or bashful. It’s rated R for ‘Breaking and entering. Borderline polyandry. Pretty sure those diamonds aren’t cruelty-free.” It was a reference to ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.’

    In his tweet, the second note says that the film shouldn’t be approved for “dog lovers” because it features “Total ugly-cry inducing, straight-up murder of Old Yeller. Also, bear abuse.” Reynolds is talking about ‘Old Yeller‘ where a kid shoots at a dog.

    Referencing ‘Lion King‘, the third post reads, “Fratricide. Mauling. Very possibly half-sibling lovin’, or at least kissin’ cousins. Seriously.” ‘Bambi‘ is referenced in the last post and it reads, “Cold-blooded killing of an innocent deer mom, that will cause lifelong trauma.” It is considered to be one of Disney’s most emotional films of all time.

    Fans had some funny reactions to his tweet. One person wrote, “I’m convinced that Alice (Wonderland) and Cinderella are the same person, and both the rabbit hole and the ball were completely conjured up in her mind before she was sold to an evil overlord by her stepsisters.”

    One user reminded him of another Disney classic, Pinocchio, while another blamed ‘Bambi‘ for their mental health issues.

    One user reminded Ryan of a film that he probably wished he hadn’t done.

    Reynolds Surprises A Fan After His Open-Heart Surgery

    Ryan Reynolds Sends Video To Fan
    Ryan Reynolds sends a video to a fan

    A few days ago, a gesture from Ryan Reynolds touched a lot of hearts. Seb Hollingsworth, who is a 13-year-old superhero fan from the UK, underwent open-heart surgery.

    Post-surgery, Reynolds sent a video message of support to his fan. The ‘Deadpool‘ actor said in the message, “You can call me Deadpool, you can call me Green Lantern. Call me anything you’d like. Call me maybe! I don’t mind.” He said, “I hear you’ve been going through it pal, and it sounds like you’ve got a ton of amazing people who are in your corner and who love you very much.”

    Reynolds further added, “I just want to send my good wishes and send you all my love, and I hope I can see you in person one of these days pal. Hang in there, you’re doing amazing and I’m super proud of you, alright Seb?”

    The sweet gesture melted a lot of hearts on the internet and proved again why the actor is loved by so many people across the globe.

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