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    Watch: Blake Lively Shares Her Favorite Cuss Word And It Has A Ryan Reynolds Connection

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most beautiful and fun couples at the same time. Recently, they both graced the Met Gala 2022 Red Carpet acting as co-chairs. Blake wore a beautiful, elegant gown going with the theme ‘Gilded Era’ which became the internet’s favorite. Ryan also looked dashing. Now, in a resurfaced snippet from an interview, Ryan asks Blake about her favorite swear word, and the answer will have you in stitches!

    Blake Lively Has A Favorite Swear Word From Husband Ryan’ Film

    Blake Lively shares her favorite swear word on Sway's Podcast
    Blake Lively shares her favorite swear word on Sway’s Podcast

    In 2015, the ‘Gossip Girl’ actress appeared on Sway’s Universe podcast to promote her film ‘Age Of Adaline’. During the interview, in a segment, Sway asked a question that her husband had proposed. The question was a quirky one where he asked Blake about her favorite swear word. 

    Blake was astonished at the question, and said, “Oh, he’s [Ryan Reynolds] setting me up. He’s such a jerk. ‘Cause he knew my mama would be here. I even said, ‘Oh my gosh!’ because you can’t use the lord’s name in vain.”

    She continued, “Then he asked me my favorite swear word right after that. What the heck am I supposed to say?” Sway asked her to say the word out loud. Blake intercepted to reveal the word and asked, “Are you gonna say it? Well, there was a movie he was in called ‘Blade: Trinity’, and he calls the girl ” a cock juggling thunder c**t.” 

    Sway was bamboozled with the word. Blake appreciates the choice of the word. During the promotion of the film, Lionsgate Movies posted a picture of Michael Huisman and Blake Lively touting them as “the perfect pair” and stating, “True love never looked so good.” Ryan replied to the tweet and wrote, “Uh… I can HEAR you. @AgeOfAdaline #AgeOfAdaline #ladyinred.”

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