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    Sam Raimi Is In Talks To Make A New Spider-Man Movie

    The success of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ cannot be overstated. It’s possible that the bizarre cameos that appeared in the movie had anything to do with it. However, we believe that this has a great deal to do with the director of the movie, Sam Raimi.

    After leaving the superhero genre behind with the release of ‘Spider-Man 3’ in 2007, Sam Raimi made his long-awaited return to the genre with ‘Doctor Strange 2‘. But he is not done with superhero movies yet, and he is going back to his best franchise.

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    Sam Raimi Is Talking About Making A New Spider-Man Film

    Sam Raimi
    Sam Raimi

    In spite of the fact that ‘Spider-Man 3’ was a complete disaster, Sam Raimi managed to redeem himself with ‘Doctor Strange 2‘. The movie was really good, and it was one of the more ambitious entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon. Because of this, Sony most likely reached out to the individual to ask him to resume his previous responsibilities.

    However, at this point, it is necessary to choose which of the Spider-Men will serve as the protagonist of the new movie that is being considered. We are aware that Jon Watts is scheduled to direct the fourth Spider-Man movie, which will star Tom Holland.

    Despite this, both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield were recast in their respective roles, leading fans to speculate about the actors’ possible future involvement in the franchise. After watching them both in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,‘ we would be thrilled if any of those gentlemen were to have another chance to star in their own movie.

    Sam Raimi’s Return To Spider-Man Does Make Sense

    Sam Raimi's Return To Spider-Man Does Make Sense
    Sam Raimi’s Return To Spider-Man Does Make Sense

    It would make the most sense for Sam Raimi to direct the next Spider-Man movie. His films, with the exception of the third one, were all very popular and are generally credited for starting people’s infatuation with the superhero genre.

    In that case, we may argue that Raimi was the one who demonstrated how lucrative superhero movies might be.

    Raimi is free to pursue any lofty goals he sets for himself now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has established a new benchmark for success.

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