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    Sharon Stone Criticizes Johnny Depp “Making A Fortune” With His Art Series

    Actor, producer, and fashion model Sharon Stone is known to stand her ground and state her opinions no matter the consequences. Stone, aside from her career in Hollywood, has revealed that she loves to paint and it takes up most of her time.

    In her recent years, Stone has distanced herself from Hollywood. In an interview, Sharon talked about painting for up to 17 hours a day on some occasions. So, her slamming Johnny Depp for his artistic venture wasn’t out of nowhere.

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    Sharon Stone Slams Johnny Depp For Profiting Off His Fans

    Johnny Depp and Sharon Stone
    Johnny Depp and Sharon Stone

    In a recent interview with the Guardian, Sharon Stone took a dig at Johnny Depp’s art projects. She explained that Depp’s art has nothing creative about it and he is just doing it to ‘make a fortune‘. “Johnny Depp is printing pictures of people, putting some paint over it and signing it, and making a fortune,” she said.

    She further talked about how it was very easy to do what Depp was doing and even she could do it. However, she chose not to. “I had galleries approach me and say, ‘Could you please make prints of your face?’ I think it’s my duty not to do that. It’s my job to open a window for other women and hold it open further. I think it’s my duty not to do that. It’s my job to open a window for other women and hold it open further.”

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    All About Johnny Depp’s Artwork

    Johnny Depp with his artwork
    Johnny Depp with his artwork

    Besides his acting ventures, Johnny Depp has also been showcasing an interest in ‘art’ just like Sharon Stone. In 2023, Depp’s artwork was in high demand after the actor made portraits of Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, and Keith Richards. Also, each one of the paintings was sold for $5400.

    Just from a single batch of portraits, Depp made around $3.5 million. He has made portraits of River Phoenix, Hunter S Thompson, and Bob Marley selling them for the same price. He was sold out of over 780 pieces making a huge $42,12,000. Additionally, he made a collection of 4 paintings titled ‘Friends and Heroes 2023’ which was on sale for $21,000.

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