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    Simu Liu Feels Shook After Being Harassed By ‘Aggressive Professional Autograph Seekers’

    Simu Liu is a Canadian stuntman and actor who is best known for his role as Shang-Chi in the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’. Recently, Liu had a terrible experience.

    The actor was at the Perelman Theater in Philadelphia for a book signing event when he had an encounter with multiple professional autograph sellers, who allegedly harassed him. Liu talked about it in detail on social media.

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    Simu Liu Got In An Argument With An Autograph Seeker.

    There’s no disputing that Simu Liu is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 breakthrough stars. His fame skyrocketed following the success of his debut feature ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘.

    It’s no wonder that he’s become super popular at geek conventions and signings. The actor’s signature is presently a hot item in the world of autograph collecting, with his autographed items selling for hundreds of dollars in the market.

    Unfortunately, nasty and abusive autograph seekers do exist. Simu was recently the victim of one such encounter. Taking to Twitter, the 33-year-old celebrity detailed a shocking encounter with a professional autograph seeker who accosted him after his book signing event in Philadelphia.

    Simu wrote: “Had a not great altercation at the end of my book event in Philly. Look, I’m trying to have a real moment with my audience. If you come to my events and harass me or make me or my fans uncomfortable, there’s no chance in hell I’m going to sign for you. Don’t cross that line.”

    Liu is adamant about taking legal action against the unnamed person. Simu talked about the incident further on Instagram: Autographing for people who will just resell it on eBay is a personal choice. Sometimes we do it, but I don’t personally like to reward certain types of behavior. Especially when the people get aggressive and invasive and make my real fans and supporters uncomfortable.”

    He continued, “I’ve had a couple of bad experiences in a row where my personal space has been badly violated. Just know that if you cross that line for me or for my fans, there isn’t a chance in hell I’m ever gonna sign for you.”

    The actor’s Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings‘ is now available on Disney+.

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