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    ‘Star Wars’ Actress Carrie Fisher Once Sent A Cow’s Tongue To A Producer Who Sexually Assaulted Her Friend With A Godfather-Like Threatening Note

    Women standing up for women is the best feeling ever especially in the entertainment industry. There have been many reports about harassment faced by women while working in Hollywood. Starting from actors to make-up artists to producers or set helpers, no one is safe. 

    And screenwriter Heather Robinson is one such victim. When Hollywood was shaken up by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, this screenwriter shared her story as well. She also revealed how actress Carrie Fisher came to her aid. 

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    Screenwriter Heather Robinson’s Shocking Experience With A Predatory Producer 

    Heather Robinson
    Heather Robinson

    After the Harvey Weinstein scandal came to light and women started to talk about sexual assault in Hollywood, many shared their horrific experiences. Screenwriter Heather Robinson also shared her story in an interview on the Arizona radio program ‘The Morning Mix’. While talking about her story she also revealed her friendship with actress Carrie Fisher. 

    Robinson talked about a night in 2000 when a famous producer sexually assaulted her. “When it happened, it happened so quickly that I felt ashamed of myself,” Robinson said in the radio interview. After the producer picked her up to discuss an upcoming project, he allegedly pulled up by the side of the road. “He reaches over and grabs the handle of the chair of the passenger seat and pulls me backwards,” she said. “All of a sudden he’s on top of me and he has his right hand that was busy, and his left hand was on my chest, by my neck, holding me down.” Fortunately, she managed to fight back and escape the car. 

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    Star Wars’ Actress Carrie Fisher Came To Her Aid

    Carrie Fisher
    Carrie Fisher

    Heather Robinson also revealed that Carrie Fisher is the one who helped her immensely during this phase. She and Fisher had become close after meeting online in an AOL chat room. After returning home, Robinson shared her story with Fisher through a series of messages. 

    She stayed quiet and listened to me and then she said, ‘I promise you he will never touch you again,’” Robinson told NBC News. “She was exactly what I needed. Someone to just hold space for me — allowing me to be scared, hurt, confused, angry.” After a few weeks, Fisher told Robinson how she had hand-delivered the producer a gift. It was a cow tongue wrapped in a blue Tiffany’s box and topped with a bow. Heather Robinson then said, “It was a cow’s tongue from Jerry’s Deli in Westwood with a note that said ‘If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box.’” 

    Heather also added how the gift had made her laugh after the traumatic incident. And went on to praise Carrie Fisher for having such a big heart and being such a good friend. 

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