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    Taylor Swift Is Earning Insane Amount Per Night On Eras Tour That Can Soon Make Her A Billionaire

    Taylor Swift‘s Eras tour has been a phenomenal success so far. Not only millions of fans but many Hollywood A-listers have attended the concerts as well. She has also released her ‘Speak Now: Taylor’s Version‘ which became an instant hit. 

    Soon the ‘Bad Blood‘ singer might be the only singer who can enter the billionaire club with the success of the Eras Tour. And she has extended the Tour to add more dates in the UK.

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    How Much Is Taylor Swift Making On Her Eras Tour?

    According to reports, Taylor Swift is making more than $13 million per night. This is huge for her at just 33. Most of the money goes to the production and Taylor Swift gives her fans an extraordinary treat. 

    But keeping aside the cost of production, she is still making quite a large margin of profit. Swift’s Eras Tour tickets are sold at an average price of $254. And there are additionally millions of dollars coming in from merchandise sales

    Swift has been performing on more than 50 dates in the USA and has also announced extended dates in the UK. According to Pollstar, the Eras Tour concert has grossed $300 million so far. 

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    How Much Are Fans Spending At The Eras Tour? 

    Taylor Swift
    Swift at the Eras Tour

    Usually, when concert dates are near, ticket prices tend to drop. However, that is not the case in the Eras Tour. Swift has been a force to reckon with and Swifties are not ready to miss the show.

    Social media has been flooding with posts from the Eras Tour. And on an average fans have been spending around $1300. 

    It is only the middle of 2023 and Taylor Swift has planned out dates as far as mid of August 2024. And the ticket prices are going steadily till now. So at this rate, the ‘Midnight Rain‘ singer might become the first musician to be part of the billionaire club. 

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