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    Taylor Swift Proves She’s Travis Kelce’s Biggest Fan

    Taylor Swift attending Travis Kelce‘s matches make them all the more thrilling with cameras taking a peek at the songstress now and then. The last match that Swift attended was in Buffalo wherein her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s team Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills.

    The match had quite a few highlights other than the game itself. While Kelce melted hearts by throwing a heart gesture at his beau, his brother Jason Kelce took his shirt off and danced to celebrate the team’s win. What remained constant amid all this is Swift’s support for her beau, and she has found yet another way to make it clear.

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    Taylor Swift Is Now Using Social Media To Cheer For Her Beau

    Taylor Swift at Travis Kelce's match (Image: Getty)
    Taylor Swift at Travis Kelce’s match (Image: Getty)

    Taylor Swift has proved that she is Travis Kelce’s biggest fan yet again, but this time more subtly than usual. Taylor Swift “liked” the latest episode of the podcast titled ‘New Heights‘, featuring NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce on Instagram. In the video, the brothers are throwing a playful banter at each other.

     The Kelce brothers discuss Jason’s memorable shirtless celebration during the recent Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game. As the clip rolls, the 34-year-old Travis recounts the wild spectacle of Jason’s touchdown celebration. “You celebrated my touchdown by taking your shirt off, screaming, jumping out of the suite, chugging a bear with the fans [and] then jumping back into the suite,” Travis recalled.

    I watched this and it was pure pandemonium,” he added, referring to the videos of the celebration that went viral.

    While the focus was on Jason’s antics, Travis also notes that there were “not enough cameras on the suite” to capture the reaction of his sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce. Travis also chimes in in a joking way. “I wanted to see her reaction to all of this so bad.”

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    Jason Kelce’s Wife Is Mad At Him For The Shirtless Antic, But He Has Taylor’s Support

    Jason Kelce at the Chiefs vs Bills game (Image: Getty)
    Jason Kelce at the Chiefs vs Bills game (Image: Getty)

    Jason, who is also the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, said he had already given his wife Kylie a fair warning about his planned shirtless celebration. “I’m taking my shirt off and I’m jumping out of that suite. … ‘Jason, don’t you dare.’ ‘It’s happening. I’m not asking for permission. I’m doing this,'” he recalled their conversation.

    His wife Kylie also made the best of the situation. She commented in the post to tease her husband, quoting his words, “‘I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this.’ – the exact quote I will say when I’m grabbing the keys to go get a cat.” This comment got a “like” from the ‘Bad Blood‘ singer.

    While Kylie wasn’t entirely thrilled about the pre-planned antics, Swift seemed all in for his amusing antic as she gave Jason a high-five as he danced. All Taylor, Jason, and Kylie were sitting together to watch the Chiefs vs Bills match.

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