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    Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘When Emma Falls In Love’ Is About Which Actress? What Do The Lyrics Reveal?

    When Taylor Swift announced that she would re-release her third album, ‘Speak Now’, her fans got excited as she mentioned adding some new material. However, one of her singles is now trending online for a different reason.

    Her single, ‘When Emma Falls in Love’ has grabbed the spotlight for featuring the word Emma. Netizens have been trying to understand the reason for using the name and want to unveil the identity of the person to whom Swift is referring in the song.

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    Taylor Swift’s Single ‘When Emma Falls In Love’ Might Be Referring To Emma Stone

    Taylor Swift’s single might be referring to Emma Stone

    The re-release of Taylor Swift’s third album, ‘Speak Now’ features a single titled ‘When Emma Falls In Love.’ While fans have already heard the song, they are trying to know the Emma Swift is referring to.

    Meanwhile, a few sources have hinted that the song might be speaking of Emma Stone, whom Swift befriended during the Young Hollywood Awards in 2008. But an official confirmation from the side of Swift is still awaited.

    While the song begins, Taylor Swift sings, “When Emma falls in love, she calls up her mom, jokes about the ways that this one could go wrong. She waits and takes her time, ‘cause little miss sunshine always thinks it’s gonna rain.”

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    What Has Taylor Swift Added In ‘Speak Now: Taylor’s Version’?

    Taylor added new material to the re-release of ‘Speak Now’

    Taylor Swift re-released her album Speak Now and it is receiving a positive response from her fans. Swift has created her version of the old music so that she can remain the owner of the recordings.

    Swift has added unreleased songs and has changed a lyric in the song. She stated in an Instagram post that the original album spoke on the whims, fantasies, heartaches, dramas, and tragedies that she had to undergo when she was aged between 18 and 20.

    The original album was released in October 2010 and it received a mixed response with some praising the songs while others criticized the tracks for featuring the theme of vengeance.

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