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    “That’s Hollywood For You”: Amanda Seyfried Says Offers Of Mother Roles Increased After She ‘Popped Out A Baby’

    Amanda Seyfried is opening up on the struggles she has faced in Hollywood after birthing a baby, and how common it is in Hollywood. Well, it might not be anything new, but the prevalence of the issue is saddening.

    The actress has revealed that the industry doesn’t leave actresses who have stepped into motherhood a lot of choices for acting roles. Here’s everything the ‘Mean Girls’ star said.

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    Here’s What Amanda Seyfried Faced In Hollywood After Becoming A Mom

    Amanda Seyfried
    Amanda Seyfried

    Amanda Seyfried revealed her experience as an actress after she became a mother, and how it changed the kind of roles she got from filmmakers.

    “In my career”, the actress said, “it’s still a bit new to play a mother. It seems like once I popped out a baby, I was just playing mothers, and that’s Hollywood for you.”

    She then added, “I do think that the roles have become way richer and definitely challenging in ways that I didn’t have earlier in my career. I felt like Jeanine” referring to the character she played in ‘Seven Veils‘, “specifically as a mother, trying to figure out where she stands in her life as a parent and as a wife who is so on the precipice of separating from her husband — she’s kind of hanging on a thread everywhere and not being taken as seriously as she’d like to in her career, just wanting more.”

    Seyfried continued, “With every really good script and really fleshed-out character, I always am able to reflect on my own life. That’s just a side effect of my job, which I kind of love.”

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    Amanda Seyfried In ‘Seven Veils’

    Amanda Seyfried in 'Seven Veils'
    Amanda Seyfried in ‘Seven Veils’

    The Strauss’ inspired movie by Atom Egoyan revolves around Jeanine, an opera director who is working on a stage production of ‘Salome‘ and much like the heroine of the play ends up having a few hostilities with some men.

    Seyfried, who plays Jeanine, talked about the character and said that she is “very human, and she’s dealing with things as they come and she’s not a perfect person.”

    “I loved showing sides of her that weren’t attractive,” Seyfried said. “I think that’s really necessary in any story, because none of us are perfect.”

    The film also stars Rebecca Liddiard, Douglas Smith, Ambur Braid, Mark O’Brien, Vinessa Antoine, Michael Kupfer-Radecky and Maia Jae Bastidas. 

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