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    “Two Kids Are Hanging In The Balance”: Amanda Seyfried On Convicted Fraudster And A Mom Elizabeth Holmes’ ‘Fair’ Prison Sentence

    Elizabeth Holmes‘ fall from grace is a well-documented media affair. From being the next Steve Jobs, the Theranos found got sentenced for making people believe in a life-altering device that could save lives. As Holmes starts her stint in prison, Amanda Seyfried has conflicted feelings on the subject.

    Amanda Seyfried’s connection to Elizabeth Holmes comes from playing her in the Hulu limited series ‘The Dropout.’ Seyfried, whose uncanny performance won her an Emmy, finds the sentence complicated. As a mother herself, her heart goes to Elizabeth Holmes even though she deserves to be punished.

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    Amanda Seyfried’s Comments On Elizabeth Holmes’ Prison Sentence

    A still from 'The Dropout'  featuring Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes
    A still from ‘The Dropout’ featuring Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes

    Amanda Seyfried played Elizabeth Holmes on the Hulu limited series ‘The Dropout.’ She gave her opinion on Holmes’ beginning of her 11-year prison sentence for duping her investors. Seyfried has her insight into the complications of Holmes’ sentence, who’s also a mother like her.

    While promoting her upcoming Apple TV series ‘The Crowded Room,’ on ‘Good Morning America,’ the Emmy-winning actress said, “There’s two kids that are hanging in the balance here. As a parent — just as a mom. Life’s not fair, but in a lot of ways it’s fair. It’s fair for her, in particular.”

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    Elizabeth Holmes’ Comments On Amanda Seyfried’s Portrayal Of Her

    The Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes during her trial
    The Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes during her trial

    Elizabeth Holmes sat down with The New York Times for an interview. She discussed Amanda Seyfreid’s portrayal on the Hulu limited series ‘The Dropout.’ In the interview, Holmes stressed that Seyfried only presented a version of herself. She also added that what the audience saw on the screen was nothing like her in real life.

    Elizabeth Holmes told the online magazine, “They’re not playing me. They’re playing a character I created. I believed it would be how I would be good at business and taken seriously and not taken as a little girl or a girl who didn’t have good technical ideas. Maybe people picked up on that not being authentic since it wasn’t.”

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