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    “The Future Is Here”: Topless Bella Hadid Getting A Dress Spray-Painted On Her Body During Fashion Show Leaves Twitter Speechless

    Bella Hadid walked for Coperni’s Spring 2023 show at the Paris Fashion Week in a dress spray-painted on her in real-time on the runway. The iconic moment left the internet stunned. The Supermodel closed the show for the label in the spray-painted dress onto her body.

    The Paris-based French womenswear label Coperni had one of the most memorable fashion moments last night. They displayed their Spring 2023 collection at the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. Read on to know more about the execution of the dress and the inspiration behind it to the twitter reactions for the iconic fashion moment.

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    What Was The Inspiration Behind The Spray-On Dress Worn By The Supermodel?

    Bella Hadid For Coperni, Spring 2023 collection

    On Friday, Coperni showcased its Spring 2023 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Bella Hadid closed the show for the label in a tight, white, off-shoulder dress made for her in real-time from instant spray-on fabric.

    Reportedly, designers Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant dedicated their show to the “women of this world”. In their show notes, they said, “To you, women who transcend your body and never lower your gaze before the barbed wire of morality.”

    The iconic fashion moment was reminiscent of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 1999 show. The show had a flailing Shalom Harlow spinning on a wooden turntable while two spray-painting robots covered her white multi-layered off-shoulder dress with black and neon-yellow paint. 

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    Bella Hadid Walked For Coperni In A Spray-Painted Dress On Her Body

    To close the show, Bella Hadid arrived on the runway dressed only in a pair of white underwear and her chest covered with one arm. Then, two people from the company Fabrican began spraying her body. At the end of this process, Bella was covered in a tight asymmetrical white dress.

    Then, a designer from Coperni shaped the straps of her body-hugging dress in an off-the-shoulder style. The designer trimmed the hem and created a thigh-high slit on the front – leaving the audience stunned. She completed the look with peep-toe sandals and a sleek bun.

    According to reports, Bella Hadid’s dress took less than 10 minutes to finish. One can apparently wash and re-wear the non-woven fabric. Coperni, named after Nicolaus Copernicus, said the theatrical demonstration was an example of a “futuristic fusion of science and fashion.”

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    Twitter Reacts To The Dress

    Fans went crazy for the made-before-their-eyes look, with one writing on Twitter, “I’m speechless… this is art.” Another said, “Fashion becoming actually really entertaining again is the world healing.”

    One Twitter user commented, “The Future is here, this is cool.” While others joked around commenting, “Well this seems practical”. Another user commented, “Yeah right b/c everyone has three extra people to help them get dressed.”

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