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    “The Offer Stands!”- Joe Rogan Says He Wants To Do Cocaine With Hunter Biden

    Joe Rogan, as we all know is the host of the popular podcast ‘Joe Rogan Experience’. Rogan has shown his interest in spending time with President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Rogan rallied against Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post revelation regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 presidential race.

    During the podcast though, he did not rub off the possibilities of hanging out with the president’s son, though. Joe is very much interested in hanging out with Hunter. Joe added that he had never done coke before. But this does not limit him from not doing it with Biden. Rogan reminded Biden that the offer was still valid.

    What All Did Joe Rogan Talk About In His Podcast?

    Joe Rogan says he wants to 'hang out' with Hunter Biden: 'I’ve never done coke but I’ll do it with him'
    Joe Rogan and Hunter Biden

    The “Joe Rogan Experience” host then focused on talking about Hunter Biden’s financial success with his art and paintings. You must note here that Hunter’s art has raised ethical concerns during the Biden administration due to his buyers’ secrecy. Rogan even asked in his podcast if his audience has seen Hunter’s artwork. Hunter’s artwork, according to Joe, is worth a lot of money. Hunter Biden’s artwork is very famous, and people go to buy it in galleries. And that he should purchase one as well. This wasn’t the only drug proposition the Bidens received this week. During an interview with Status Coup News, actor and comedian Tommy Chong was asked about his preference to smoke pot with a politician. Chong suggested that he would like to do it with President Joe Biden. 

    Was Hunter’s Painting Sold By Chance?

    Hunter's artistic process sometimes involves using alcohol ink on top of Japanese Yupo paper
    Hunter’s artistic process sometimes involves using alcohol ink on top of Japanese Yupo paper

    Biden defended his glitzy art exhibition. In the art exhibition, one can find Hunter’s paintings to be listed for an amount which is more than $500,000. He shared his happiness by stating that he wasn’t there to sell his art. In a process set up by the White House to avoid the appearance of conflict, the identities of those who buy the president’s son’s paintings aren’t made public. Now since the identity of the buyer isn’t told to the artist a few experts have raised serious red flags. While organizing Hunter’s ‘The Journey Home’ art shows, art gallery Bergès had received death threats, and he had to hire security for the same.

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