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    ‘The View’ Co-Host Was Surprised With Taylor Swift Time Magazine Cover. Whoopi Goldberg Comes In Defense Of The Singer

    Taylor Swift has become a global phenomenon with chart-topping music and the mega-blockbuster ‘Eras Tour’. The artist had the most successful year in terms of both personal and professional life. She had the re-recorded versions of tracks from ‘Speak Now’ and ‘1989’ topping the charts, with the ‘Eras Tour’ being on the verge of becoming the highest-grossing tour of all time.

    On top of everything, Time magazine named Taylor Swift the ‘Person of the Year’. However, the decision of the outlet to give her the title did not sit well with people. The internet was divided over the decision. Nothing was different at ‘The View’ as one of the co-hosts was surprised by Taylor being declared ‘Person of the Year’.

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    ‘The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin Was Surprised Over Taylor Swift’s Time Magazine Cover

    Sunny Hostin was a little struck by Taylor Swift being named as 'Person of the Year'
    Sunny Hostin was a little struck by Taylor Swift being named as ‘Person of the Year’

    On the recent episode of ‘The View’, the hosts discussed the recent crowning of Taylor Swift as ‘Person of the Year’ for Time magazine. The table was divided as some supported the decision while one of the co-hosts, Sunny Hostin, was surprised. She thought that they would award the title to the Trump prosecutors or Hollywood strikers. But, to her surprise, it was Taylor Swift.

    Sunny Hostin said, “She does everything, but for me, the TIME magazine Person of the Year, used to be man of the year in 1927, when it started, it was ridiculous.”

    Hostin continued, “But the other people that were up for this award were the Hollywood strikers, the Trump prosecutors and I feel like after the media, the law enforcement, the Trump prosecutors may be able to save our democracy.”

    Sunny Hostin was “little struck” by the decision after Taylor Swift won over other people who were in the race, as the motto for the magazine is “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives.”

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    Whoopi Goldberg Comes In Defence Of The Singer

    Whoopi Goldberg thinks Taylor Swift deserved the 'Person of the Year' title
    Whoopi Goldberg thinks Taylor Swift deserved the ‘Person of the Year’ title

    During the episode of ‘The View’, like always, Whoopi Goldberg came in defense of Taylor Swift and put forth that she deserved the title. Whoopi said, “We have sat at this table and talked about this girl and everything she’s done for most of year. They’ve done this with various performers. They give it to the person who has had the impact. Her impact has been startling.”

    Sunny Hostin added that she was not taking away her accolade, but it surprised her. It was not the first time that Whoopi came in support of Taylor Swift. In May 2023, Taylor Swift was criticized for performing in states that had anti-LGBTQIA+ laws. A writer said that Swift and other artists have a responsibility to speak up or boycott.

    Whoopi Goldberg disagreed with the writer and said, “Some people go and they perform, and that’s their protest. You can’t point to people and say, ‘You should be doing it this way.’ She directly asked the author, “How are you doing it? How are you protesting? Not everybody wants a big platform like this.” She suggested that people cannot be made to do something if the other person is not doing it the way they want it.

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