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    Tiffany Haddish Told Leonardo DiCaprio “I Want To F**k” When She First Met Him But Had A Bizarre Condition. Here’s His Response

    Leonardo DiCaprio was among the most desired men during his younger days. He is still considered to be charming, but you have to be below twenty-five to get his attention. (pun intended). Well, Tiffany Haddish was probably charmed by Mr. DiCaprio.

    During a podcast, she revealed that she wanted to sleep with him, much like her confession to Henry Cavill, when they met for the first time. It’s very bold of her to say that but after all, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio.

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    Tiffany Wanted To Sleep With Leonardo DiCaprio When They First Met

    Tiffany Haddish and Leonardo DiCaprio

    During SiriusXM’s ‘The Howard Stern Show’, Tiffany Haddish revealed her fantasy regarding Leonardo DiCaprio. She wanted to sleep with DiCaprio, 43, during their first meeting. Tiffany isn’t shy about sharing all of her private information.

    Tiffany, 38, met him at a party two to three months ago. She said, “I asked him if he’d let me hit that”. To which he replied, “Tiffany, you’re so funny”. But she was serious about all of this, as she continued, “I’m serious.”

    DiCaprio added as her Haddish, “I mean, I’d do it, but…” Tiffany was like, “Come on, wasn’t you in a squad? The coochie squad or something?” She was quick enough to reference the ‘P***y P***e’ incident with Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly.

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    Tiffany Also Made A Very Specific Request To Him

    Tiffany Haddish and  Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiffany Haddish

    We all aspire to be more approachable and bold. Tiffany had a very specific demand from theTitanicactor. She told him, ‘My only stipulation: I want to do it with you as your character in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape“.

    She continued, “He starts busting up laughing, ‘Why?’ he asks, and I say, ‘because I feel like that performance deserves a real reward and that reward is this (while pointing at her own body).”

    Well, this was not the first time when Tiffany approached a celebrity to sleep with her. She has also asked the one and only Superman actor, Henry Cavill. Tiffany had a strong crush on him, but her mind changed when she met him in real.

    During an interview, she said, “I used to want Henry Cavill. I think he’s so hot. But I met him and he was so awkward.”  She thought her connection with him wouldn’t be real.

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