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    Director Richard Linklater Claims Glen Powell Can Become The Next Leonardo DiCaprio If He Does A Crucial Thing

    In the ever-churning game of Hollywood stardom, predicting the next A-lister can be a tricky business. However, seasoned director Richard Linklater has thrown his hat into the ring, placing a friendly bet on rising star Glen Powell

    Linklater, fresh off collaborating with Powell on the action-comedy ‘Hit Man,’ believes Powell has the potential to reach the heights of Leonardo DiCaprio. However, with one key caveat: strategic role selection.

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    Can Glen Powell Be The Next Leonardo DiCaprio?

    Glen Powell and Leonardo DiCaprio
    Glen Powell and Leonardo DiCaprio

    “If he plays his cards right,” Linklater remarked in a recent interview with Collider, “Glen can absolutely become a major force in Hollywood.” This isn’t just empty praise from a director promoting his latest film. Linklater, known for his keen eye for talent, has seen Powell’s charisma and acting chops firsthand.  

    Additionally, Powell’s breakout role in ‘Top Gun: Maverick alongside Tom Cruise solidified his ability to hold his own amongst industry giants. And Linklater seems confident Powell can translate that into leading man status. Comparing any rising star to Leonardo DiCaprio is a bold statement. DiCaprio’s career is a masterclass in navigating Hollywood. 

    From heartthrob teen idol in ‘Titanic’ to the dramatic powerhouse he is today, DiCaprio has consistently challenged himself with diverse roles. In addition to working with acclaimed directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino. He’s become synonymous with quality filmmaking.

    So, what does Powell need to do to emulate DiCaprio’s success? According to Linklater, it all boils down to script selection. “He has the talent, the looks, the screen presence,” Linklater said. “The key is for him to gravitate towards projects that showcase his range and don’t pigeonhole him into one type of role.” Additionally, DiCaprio’s career trajectory is a testament to the power of choosing films with strong scripts and complex characters.

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    Glen Powell Is On His Way To Hollywood Stardom

    Glen Powell
    Glen Powell

    The good news for Powell is that Hollywood seems to be taking notice. He’s landed roles in upcoming projects with diverse genres, including the animated musical ‘Hitpig’ and the biographical drama ‘The Expendables 4.’ This versatility is exactly what Linklater is advocating for. Additionally, by showcasing his ability to handle drama, comedy, and action, Powell can demonstrate the depth needed to become a true leading man.

    Of course, the road to DiCaprio-level stardom is paved with both box-office successes and critical acclaim. Finding the right balance between crowd-pleasers and prestige projects will be crucial. Additionally, Glen Powell seems to be making all the right moves. Whether he reaches the stratospheric heights of Leonardo DiCaprio remains to be seen. However, one thing’s for sure Powell’s star is definitely on the rise. 

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