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    Glen Powell Is Leaving Hollywood For Texas And Matthew McConaughey Is The Reason

    Matthew McConaughey left Hollywood during the 2020 pandemic and now he has influenced Glen Powell to do the same. Yes, the A-list heartthrob is leaving Hollywood and moving to Texas.

    Glen recently appeared inAnyone But You’ with actress Sydney Sweeny which was loved by the audience. And now Glen is saying goodbye to Hollywood as he thinks he has earned enough and can go back to his family.

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    Glen Powell Is Saying Goodbye To The Land Of Showbiz

    Glen Powell in 'Top Gun: Maverick
    Glen Powell in ‘Top Gun: Maverick

    Glen Powell is preparing to leave Hollywood. In an interview to promote his new film ‘Hit Man’ said that he was preparing to return to his home state Austin, Texas. Glen feels he can go back to his family and live with them. He said, “It’s like I’ve earned the ability to go back to my family…”[Matthew was] like, ‘Hollywood is the Matrix, man.”

    He feels Hollywood is a place full of fake things and it might consume you. Austin, Texas is the only real place he feels he can go back to. The actor continued, “You plug in and it’s all fake world.’ He’s like, ‘Then I go to Austin, and I unplug. It’s all real. Those are my friends, that’s my family, my actions matter there.

    Glen wants to spend time with his parents. They are getting old and he can’t take time for them while being in the industry. He feels that they are two different worlds that need to be separated. It’s a loop leaving and Powell wants to escape the matrix.

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    Glen Got Influenced By Matthew McConaughey

    Glen Powell and Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey also left the world of Hollywood during the pandemic of 2020. Glen was influenced by him somewhere. He continued, “The thing that makes me feel in conflict with some parts of this moment is that I like choosing when I’m out in front. And I’m more than happy to be on a press tour. I love it”.

    Sometimes it does get overwhelming as an actor. You have to live 24/7 in front of the flashing cameras and your every step is captured and analyzed. What’s better than a life away from constant anxiety with your loved ones?

    Continuing, Glen said, “I love going on a Jimmy Fallon — you walk out, you sign autographs, you do the whole thing. “[I am uncomfortable with] this idea that you’re a function here. Someone will go, ‘Hey, friend, want to come to this guy’s house? Yeah, come over.

    Further, he added, “And then you show up, and suddenly you’re there for, like, someone’s tequila launch and all of a sudden there’s a photographer and you’re like, ‘Wait, what are we doing here?’ And I think you get enough of those that you just want to bring your family as close as possible — or run to them.”

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