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    Glen Powell Responds To Outrage Over Him Being “Too Naked” In ‘Anyone But You’

    Rom-coms have been one of actor Glen Powell‘s most prominent fortes. Throughout his career, he has done films that have brought out the funny and romantic side of him together. With his latest upcoming movie ‘Anyone but You’, he seems to have added another such rom-com movie to his list.

    The audience may be receiving it well, but Instagram is not. For an actor who seems to take his comedic nudity seriously, Instagram seems to have cut out the comedic part and focused only on nudity — and the actor is taking it in good faith.

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    Glen Powell Opens Up About Instagram Flagging His Movie Clips For Violating Nudity Guidelines

    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in ‘Anyone But You’ (Image: Sony)

    Glen Powell has kept his cheeky delights intact in the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Anyone But You, but Instagram seems to be feeling a bit prudish. Having played the lead character of Ben in the film, his nudity has been used as a tool for both comedy as well as seduction — and like always, he has aced it.

    Powell was speaking to Entertainment Weekly recently when he revealed how he found out about the content involving his character getting flagged by Instagram.

    In a rather humorous tone, he mentioned how his friend Tanner’s Instagram post about the movie was flagged by the social media platform for violating Instagram’s nudity guidelines. “My buddy, Tanner, wanted to post about the movie,” Powell said.

    His posts got taken down by Instagram because it violated the laws of nudity or whatever. And I was like, ‘Okay when a friend’s support post of your movie gets flagged by Instagram, you’ve been too naked in the movie‘,” he added.

    Known for his breakout role in ‘Set It Up’, Powell already has a memorable scene under his name where his character rushes to disrobe after Sydney Sweeney’s character, Bea finds a spider in his shorts.

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    Powell Says It Is Crucial For A Rom-Com Lead To Look “As Dumb And Silly As Possible”

    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in ‘Anyone But You’ (Image: Sony)

    Despite the scrutiny as well as the laughs that came with his nudity, Powell said he recognizes the purpose behind his frequent on-screen disrobing. He said that in the world of romcoms, the leading man is meant to embrace vulnerability and look “as dumb and silly as possible“.

    And part of that is to be naked and for bad things to happen to you while you’re naked. Am I going to be taking my clothes off in every movie? Absolutely not. But in a rom-com, I know my function in the universe,” he said.

    Over the course of my life and career, I’ve learned [to be comfortable with it],” he said. “I was the kid at the pool that didn’t want to even take his shirt off. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there’s a time in your life and your career where this is the moment to do those things. Because your body’s not going to look like that forever,” he added.

    In a rom-com, you know what you’re selling — and as a rom-com leading man, you are supposed to get taken down as much as humanly possible,” Powell asserted.

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