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    Glen Powell Recalls His Dad’s Hilarious Reaction When They First Met Matthew McConaughey

    Glen Powell recently revealed his first encounter with Matthew McConaughey and that it still gives him the same joy, although things got a tad awkward at the time. During his recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Powell reminisced about his first meeting with the ‘Interstellar’ star while visiting a Texas ranch owned by Richard Linklater, their mutual collaborator.

    Vividly describing the moment he stumbled upon McConaughey in the ranch’s library, Powell said, “We’re taking a walk around the property, and I go, ‘Hey, can we go to the library where we kinda rehearsed all that stuff [for Everybody Wants Some]?’” the ‘Anyone But You‘ star said.

    And [Linklater] goes, ‘Y’know, I think Matthew’s in there.’ And I said, ‘Matthew — maybe, maybe it’s McConaughey. Maybe it’s the Matthew.’ So I kinda open the door, and there’s this kinda sliver of light that hits this guy, and he’s like, ‘Hey, hey, woah, woah, hold on!’” he said.

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    Glen Powell Said He Was Mortified And Cringed By His Dad’s Behavior

    Glen Powell on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' (Credit: NBC)
    Glen Powell on ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ (Credit: NBC)

    However, things took a hilarious turn when Powell’s father inadvertently revealed his admiration for McConaughey’s photo in a University of Texas magazine. “He goes, ‘Wait, I know you, I know you. Glen, I know you,’” he remembered.

    Then my dad did not see him yet. So he steps out into the light, out of the door, and then [McConaughey] goes, ‘Now, who are you?’ And my dad goes, ‘Oh, I have a picture of you next to my bed.’”

    Powell said he was horrified. “I look at my dad. I’m like, ‘Stop doing this, Dad. Whatever this is, stop,’” he said. “There’s this University of Texas magazine called The Alcalde. McConaughey is on the cover. So he goes, ‘No, no, no, I have the University of Texas magazine next to my bed.’”

    Powell couldn’t help but cringe at his father’s behavior, but McConaughey took it in stride. “Matthew goes, ‘That is my favorite photo shoot I have ever done in my whole life, lemme tell you,’ and he grabs him by the shoulder, and they become best friends,” Powell said. “Very charming man,” Powell further said.

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