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    Billie Eilish Admits Her Ex Jesse Rutherford Is One Of Her “Favorite People In The World” 1 Year After Their Breakup

    Billie Eilish feels that her ex, Jesse Rutherford is not the ‘Bad Guy’. Billie and Jesse dated for almost seven months and called it quits later. But Billie shares that they are on good terms and “truly one of my favorite people in the world”, Billie said during an interview.

    Billie talked about her relationship with The Neighborhood singer, and her possibility of entering into a new relationship. She is on friendly terms with her rocker boyfriend.

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    Billie Is Still Friends With Her Ex-Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford

    Billie And Jesse
    Billie And Jesse

    According to an unpublished excerpt from her Rolling Stone cover story, Billie Eilish talks about her ex-boyfriend Jesse Rutherford and reveals that she is on friendly terms with him. “That’s my guy, truly one of my favorite people in the world“, she told the publication.

    The pair was last spotted at Coachella in 2023 and dated for less than a year. “We can confirm Billie and Jesse did split amicably and remain good friends,” the singer’s rep shared in a statement. “All cheating rumors are false. Both are currently single,” the source shared.

    Previously, Eilish also made a similar statement, when a fan asked her on her Instagram stories about her relationship with Rutherford after the split, to which she replied, “Very very good friends only. My homie forever.”

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    Billie Gets Candid About Her Love Life

    Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish

    Billie also shared about her current dating life and her plans to pursue someone romantically again. ‘What Was I Made For’ singer is currently single, but doesn’t want to date anyone at the moment.

    The singer said, “I plan on never dating again,” the nine-time Grammy winner joked before clarifying her statement”. She continued, “That’s not true. But no, I don’t see myself being serious with anyone until I find someone that feels right to me, and that is not interesting to me right now.”

    Billie has been open about her thoughts and sexuality. From her saying that she likes women to her revealing the private details of her sexual life, nothing is hidden as such. As she came out recently, she singer told Rolling Stone it was “really frustrating” when she came out in Variety in December.

    She said, “The whole world suddenly decided who I was, and I didn’t get to say anything or control any of it“. Further Billie continued, “Nobody should be pressured into being one thing or the other … It takes a while to find yourself, and I think it’s really unfair, the way that the internet bullies you into talking about who you are and what you are.”

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