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    Billie Eilish Has 110 Million Close Friends On Instagram Now And Followers Are Completely Losing It

    Don’t be surprised if you see a green circle around Billie Eilish‘s story. You’re just one of the 110 million people she has added to her close friends. In a surprising turn of events, many fans absolutely lost it as they saw that Billie had added them to her close friends list on Instagram. As it turns out, the singer has added all the hundreds of millions of followers she has to her close friends.

    Fans started trending her on social media as everyone rushed in to boast about being Billie’s online BFF. The post featured a blurry picture of a hand and the night sky. It’s uncertain if the whole thing is a teaser for Billie’s new era or just something goofy she’s doing for fans. Well, she does know how to make special gestures. Nevertheless, it brought in some hilarious reactions from fans.

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    Billie Eilish Teases Her New Era

    Billboards teasing Billie Eilish's new era
    Billboards teasing Billie Eilish’s new era

    All of this comes days after new billboards were spotted in Toronto, LA, London, and New York, amongst others, teasing Billie’s new era with cryptic messages.

    The signs featured lines: “She’s the headlight and I’m the deer,” “I try to live in black and white, but I’m blue,” and “Did I cross the line?”.

    The billboards don’t specifically say Billie’s name, but they do use her iconic “BLOHSH” symbol, which makes us think the campaigns are unquestionably hers.

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