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    Did Billie Eilish Actually Write ‘Ocean Eyes’ For Cillian Murphy?

    There have been many popular musicians throughout the history of music, but few have had the same impact as Billie Eilish. She has captured the hearts of people all across the world with her distinct voice and unmatched sense of style. Her music and persona reflect real, unvarnished, and courageous struggles that people encounter. She crafts an experience that is both lovable and relatable for her listeners. Her songs address real, unfiltered emotions including love, self-discovery, and mental health.

    Eilish’s song ‘What Was I made for was included in the popular film ‘Barbie‘, and its profound and universally relatable lyrics won over many hearts and the Oscar. One of her songs called ‘Ocean Eyes‘ is also a massive hit. But why do people assume her inspiration for the song to be Cillian Murphy? Let’s break it down.

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    Billie Eilish’s True Inspiration For The Song ‘Ocean Eyes’

    Cillian Murphy at the Oscars (Credit: X)
    Cillian Murphy at the Oscars

    Unquestionably, Cillian Murphy’s eyes are to drown in. Their striking bright blue hue makes them stand out. We just never considered the possibility that they would be the inspiration for a Billie Eilish song. During the pre-luncheon for the Oscar nominees, Eilish and brother Finneas O’Connell made a joke about basing their career on Cillian’s Ocean eyes. The host, Amelia Dimoldenberg, asked Billie and Finneas, “Did you write Ocean Eyes about Cillian Murphy?” To this, Billie replied, “Well ask him, cause he wrote that, and yeah probably”.

    Finneas replied to this question in a humorous way saying, “I probably wrote it for Cillian, yeah, Big fan of Cillian’s eyes in ‘Dunkirk’.” This was the same interview where she talked about how she had a dream one night about Christian Bale and she realized she had to break up with her boyfriend.

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    When Billie Eilish Got Distracted By Cillian Murphy

    Barbie movie red carpet
    Barbie movie red carpet

    Billie Eilish and her Finneas O’Connell were talking about their accomplishment with the soundtrack in the movie ‘Barbie‘ on a red carpet, which won a lot of awards at the Music Academy. Eilish was interrupted by Cillian Murphy’s entrance in the middle of the interview. She said, “Cillian’s over there, guys… just saying. Sorry, I just got distracted, it’s all good.”

    Cillian’s charismatic effect is not only limited to Billie Eilish but his co-stars as well. During an interview with People, Emily Blunt and Matt Damon, his co-stars in ‘Oppenheimer‘, gave their insights on working with Cillian Murphy.

    It’s a real problem when you’re doing scene work with Cillian. Sometimes you find yourself just swimming in his eyes,” Damon said. Talking about Murphy’s hypnotizing eyes, Emily Blunt added, “It’s like that ‘Ocean Eyes’ song by Billie Eilish. We just hum it all day.”

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