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    “I Was A Bit Shocked”: How Emily Blunt’s Thoughtful Gift To ‘Oppenheimer’ Co-star Cillian Murphy “Smashed His Head Open”

    2023 saw a rare Hollywood phenomenon that the viewers called ‘Barbenheimer’. It was because of two of the greatest films made in 2023 — Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer‘ and Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie‘ — released on the same day. The competition was so cutthroat that audiences opted to watch both movies back-to-back on the same day despite their starkly contrasting nature.

    As both movies have now been received well, fans are getting to know more about the hard work behind both masterpieces. Everyone right from the director to the actors of the film poured their hearts and minds into the making of the films to create magnificent results. But some anecdotes during the shooting of the film are hilarious — and perhaps that is what kept the stress low on sets despite such heavy pressure.

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    Emily Blunt’s Thoughtful Gift For Cillian Murphy Turned Out To Be A Disaster On ‘Oppenheimer’ Sets

    Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt (Credit: Getty)
    Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt (Credit: Getty)

    Sharing one such hilarious anecdote from the ‘Oppenheimer‘ sets, actress Emily Blunt shared how a gift she gave to her co-star Cillian Murphy turned out to be a pain for the actor. Blunt was speaking during her recent appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ when she revealed how she bought Murphy a “very beautiful pillow” as a thoughtful gift to ensure some extra sleep for him during the hectic filming.

    I just felt Cillian needed — even more than food — was sleep on this movie,” Blunt said, before turning to Murphy sitting next to her. “Do you mind if I tell the story?” she asked him. 

    I mean, you’re gonna,” Murphy replied, with everyone present on the stage including Blunt, Jimmy Kimmel, and fellow guest star Robert Downey Jr. all burst into laughter.

    Blunt began to tell the story as she mentioned that Murphy was “really luxuriating in this pillow one night” when he woke up and decided to get cozier in bed. “He went to fluff himself back down in the pillow, misjudged where it was — the cool side, flipped it — and smashed his head open on the bedside table,” she said. “So he came to work and they had to glue his head shut!”

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    Cillian Murphy Got His “Head Glued Up” After The Accident

    Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt (Credit: Getty)
    Cillian Murphy and Emily Blunt (Credit: Getty)

    Murphy confirmed that Luisa Abel, the film’s makeup designer, had to step in and handle the situation. Despite the initial shock, Murphy shared, “I was a bit shocked, you know! I was having a great sleep, and I had this amazing pillow and then, you know, it was a strange bed, strange table, and [then] bang.”

    Fortunately, the actor revealed that the early start time for the cast and crew the next morning allowed him to quickly deal with the situation. “We were getting up before it was bright, like at 2 a.m. or something, 3 a.m. So I called her then and I just came in, and then she glued my head, covered it all up, and you don’t even see it in the movie, I think,” he added.

    Oppenheimer‘ resulted to be a superhit movie and has garnered much attention across the globe. It has also received several nominations and accolades this awards season. It has also bagged several nominations for the Oscars this year, and is in the race against it’s rival blockbuster ‘Barbie‘.

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