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    “Amusing As A Bed-Locked Fart”: Robert Downey Jr. Hilariously Reads Out Critics’ Notes Over The Years After Winning Critics Choice Awards For ‘Oppenheimer’

    The summer of 2023 offered two of the most enthralling cinematic pieces that revived the box office. It includes Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ and Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’. The Cillian Murphy-starrer was the biopic of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb.

    During the awards season, ‘Oppenheimer’ has created quite a buzz, with actors like Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. winning awards. Recently, the two swept the awards at the 2024 Golden Globes for ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor’. Recently, at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, the ‘Iron Man’ actor was awarded another ‘Best Supporting Actor’ trophy, where he took a hilarious dig at the critics.

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    Robert Downey Jr. Reads Out Funny Critic Comments During Critics Choice Awards

    Robert Downey Jr. at the 2024 Critics Choice AwardsImage Courtesy: People
    Robert Downey Jr. at the 2024 Critics Choice Awards
    Image Courtesy: People

    At the ongoing Critics Choice Awards, ‘Oppenheimer’ is one of the films with a higher number of nominations than other films. With Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, and the film itself receiving the ‘Best Picture’ nomination, Robert Downey Jr. takes home his second major award this month for his bewitching portrayal of Lewis Strauss in the film.

    After the 2024 Golden Globes win, Robert Downey Jr. won the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award at the Critics Choice Awards. In his speech, he hilariously read out the critique he received for his work over the years. He started his speech with, “The first one’s kinda like haiku: ‘sloppy, messy and lazy.’ The second one’s more metaphoric: ‘Like Pee-wee Herman emerging from a coma.’”

    Putting up a fake British accent, Robert Downey Jr. read the next one, saying, “This was from a Brit: ‘A puzzling waste of talent.’ He added, “And lastly—and this one lingered— ‘amusing as a bed-locked fart.’”

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    The Actor Provided Much-Needed Laughter Amidst The Jo Koy Disaster At The Golden Globes

    Robert Downey Jr. won the 2024 Golden Globes for 'Best Supporting Actor' for 'Oppenheimer'
    Robert Downey Jr. won the 2024 Golden Globes for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for ‘Oppenheimer’

    The host at the 2024 Golden Globes, Jo Koy, created quite a stir while kicking off the most important award nights of the season. During his monologue, he took misogynistic digs at Taylor Swift and Greta Gerwig, calling ‘Barbie’ a film about “a plastic doll with big b***ies.”

    However, Robert Downey Jr. brought a fresh breeze of air with his winning speech for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for ‘Oppenheimer’, saying, “Yeah, yeah, I took a Beta blocker so this is going to be a breeze.”

    The actor continued, “A sweeping story about the ethical dilemma of nuclear weapons grosses 1 billion dollars, does that track? No, unless and but because Universal went all in on Christopher Nolan, to direct Cillian Murphy with Emma Thomas producing with Emily [Blunt] and Florence [Pugh] and this cast and crew and helped them render a goddamn masterpiece.”

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