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    Tom Holland Explains Zendaya Why She Hasn’t Witnessed His Secret Talent Yet

    In an extended interview by IMDb where Tom Holland and Zendaya appear to answer some FAQs by fans. During the interview, the rumored couple from Spider-Man: No Way Home tells about each other. It is visible over the internet already that Tom and Zendaya share a special bond. While fans are confirmed about the two being in a romantic relationship.

    The Spider-Man series couple has always dated each other secretly we guess! The couple often find reasons to be together with each other during any event. While Tom always looks for Zendaya and earlier admitted that she was his celebrity crush. Let us find out more about responses by Tom and Zendaya in the playful conversation by IMDb.

    WATCH: Tom Holland Explains Zendaya About His Secret Talent

    During a playful conversation in an interview, it was asked: What Is Your Secret Talent?

    Tom Holland states, “I am really good cook, albeit you(Zendaya) don’t think so.” But this is not agreeable with Zendaya, and we can see really funny looks on her face. And then he explains the full matter. In the interview, he tells that, “Zendaya claims that she is a good cook and I (Tom) don’t think so. ” To this Zendaya said, ” I’ve never really had”. Then they talk about the dish Zendaya made once. And she doesn’t believe him that he is a good cook because she has never tried any special dish made by him.

    Then we can see why Zendaya has not yet witnessed Tom Holland’s secret talent. It is because “she is a vegetarian, I specialize in meat dishes”, Tom said. And still, she doesn’t believe this because she once talked to his brother.

    Zendaya said, “And the meat dish I heard you made your brother said was awful. So I don’t know.”

    Tom said, “it was not awful”. Zendaya said, “I heard it was awful”. In the end she said, “Talking all this. But I have yet to taste it.”

    The chemistry between them both is really amazing, and everyone will have a smile on their face while watching this interview. But the best thing is to see how they react and talk to each other. The way they are so playful and true makes everyone adore them. And then comes how Tom Holland then tells about his best dish, roasted potatoes. And he believes it to be amazingly good. But Zendaya’s decision won’t differ until she tastes any dish made by Tom. And then maybe anyone can ask them this question again, and we will really get to know the answer.

    Fans love this conversation, but everyone has a different opinion. So, we would love to know yours, and let us know if you believe Tom Holland to be a good cook or not? Or do you think what his brother is true?

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