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    Travis Kelce Fuels Taylor Swift Engagement, Baby Rumors With Talk Of Rings And Children On Podcast

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s relationship seems to be going pretty steady as the couple takes time off work to enjoy an intimate vacation abroad. While Taylor continues to stay lowkey off the tour, Kelce has been pretty active on his podcast with his now retired NFL player brother Jason Kelce.

    As the brothers duo get carried away with a conversation about diamonds and babies, fans speculate if Travis is hinting on a possible engagement…or a pregnancy?

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    Travis And Jason Kelce Joke About Babies And Rings On Podcast

    Jason and Travis Kelce holding each other's jersey
    Jason and Travis Kelce holding each other’s jersey

    If you love listening to the charming Kelce brothers talk, you must have tuned in to New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce at some point.

    As the description of the podcast says, “Football’s funniest family duo — Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs — team up to provide next-level access to life in the league as it unfolds… Plus, entertaining stories from a combined 21 years in the league, off-field interests, and engaging conversations with special guests.”

    Ever since his relationship with Taylor Swift, Travis has made several headlines on his statements on the podcast. This time, however, the NFL star seems like he’s hinting on a baby or a ring?

    The two NFL players made a humorous comparison between NBA star Victor Wembanyama and a lab-grown diamond on the March 20 episode of the Kelce brothers’ New Heights podcast. Jason suggested that lab-grown people are probably going to be possible soon  and Travis laughed, saying, “Can’t wait ’til I f***in’ make one.” To which Jason laughed and said,  “Do not do this. Do not give any more conspiracy theorists anything else to latch onto, please.”

    His statement created frenzy on social media as fans wonder if Kelce was referring to making a baby…. or making a lab grown diamond. Here’s how they reacted.

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    Fans React To Travis Kelce’s Statement

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Credits: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Credits: Getty)

    Fans are now assuming that Travis Kelce is hinting on an engagement with Swift, or possibly referring to him wanting kids.

    In the past, Kelce has opened up on his desire to start his own family. In one of the episodes of the podcast he said, “I gotta start breeding. I’ve gotta start breeding, to all the breeders out there.” To which his mother responded, “Wait until you find the right person. Find the right person.” 

    So now that he has found the right person, is he ready to start his own family with Taylor Swift?

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