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    Travis Scott Gets Into A Fight With Cher’s Boyfriend

    Travis Scott got into an intense physical fight with Cher’s boyfriend Alexander Edwards, who happens to be friends with rapper Tyga. The brawl, that occurred at a party thrown by Richie Akiva at Cannes, attracted everyone’s attention as clips of the party have now gone viral on social media.

    This happens to be the second public brawl Scott has been a part of, he was previously accused of publicly being violent towards a 52-year-old man. Here are all the details on his feud with Edwards, and the reason behind it.

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    Travis Scott Brawls With Alexander Edwards

    Travis Scott and Alexander Edwards
    Travis Scott and Alexander Edwards

    The altercation broke out, according to TMZ, when Richie, the host, took the microphone to give shout-outs to Travis, Tyga, and Alexander Edwards while they were both performing behind the DJ booth. Alexander Edwards, who happens to be Tyga’s friend, was prompted to intervene after Travis grabbed Richie’s microphone because he appeared to be upset about being paired with Tyga.

    A witness told US Weekly, “AE started talking back to Travis. There was a big group of all their friends on stage as well. Travis walked off the stage and came back with Southside, who started yelling at AE. Travis tried to push AE off the stage and then all three were shoving each other. AE got a hold of Travis and threw him off the stage.”

    Though many assumed that the fight happened between Tyga and Travis, it has been confirmed that it happened between Edwards and Travis.

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    Who Is Cher’s Boyfriend, Alexander Edwards?

    Alexander Edwards and Cher
    Alexander Edwards and Cher

    Rumors of Cher and Edwards’s romance started to circulate in October 2022, during Paris Fashion Week, following reports that they had a brief conversation that might have turned into something.

    Cher then revealed that he had received her number from one of their mutual pals, and from there they started interacting via texts, where they fell in love. They were seen holding hands in Los Angeles the very next month, confirming rumors that they were dating.

    Edwards, who is 37 years old, works as a music executive for Universal Music Group. In addition, he manages his close friend Tyga’s independent record label, Last King Records, as a music producer. Last year, Alexander also collaborated with Cher on her Christmas record.

    The couple has often been criticized for their age difference which happens to be four decades, In response, Cher has always defended the age gap by talking about age not being a major factor in relationships.

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