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    “I’m Loyal B*tch, I Got Ye Over Biden”: Travis Scott Shows Support For Kanye West In His New Song SKITZO

    Travis Scott and Kanye West might be setting major friendship goals. After 2018’s Astroworld, Travis Scott finally dropped his most awaited album after five years. Utopia has gotten the fans excited especially with its collaboration with 19 talented artists. This will be the fourth album of the rapper.

    Kanye West had a major influence on Travis Scott’s new album Utopia, as behind the scenes Travis declared he is loyal to the controversial rapper on one of his tracks. Unlike his other albums, Scott experimented with random sounds, tones, vibes, and energies giving the album almost a spiritual feel, yet the album feels like a hidden message.

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    Travis Scott Shows Support For Kanye West

    Travis Scott
    Travis Scott

    Fans project Utopia to top the success of the famous 2018 Astroworld. Among the 19 tracks that Travis Scott released one particular song stood out. The new track named  Skitzo was made in collaboration with Young Tug, clearly revealing which side Scott’s stood on in the 2024 presidential election. 

    In the song, Travis raps, “Crazy how they love to talk sh*t and got no Trident / I’m loyal, b**h, I got Ye over Biden.” Scott firmly expressed his support for Kanye over Joe Biden

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    Travis Scott’s Utopia Songs Are Being Compared To Kanye West’s Yeezus Tracks

    Travis Scott and Kanye West

    Fans have concluded that Travis Scott’s album sounds similar to Kanye West’s album that dropped 10 years prior. Perhaps the most striking resemblance is between the two albums of Utopia’s Circus Maximus and West’s Black Skinhead. These songs highlight the noticeable parallels in everything including from the distinguishable drum patterns to vocal effects.

    As more comparisons to Utopia and Black Skinheaed became the headlines on various social media platforms, plenty of users were also point out that Travis appears to have drawn influence from Ye. These claims further became confirmed when Scott openly supported Ye over Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential election. 

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