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    Trevor Noah Discusses Hosting the Grammys And His Admiration For BTS And Silk Sonic

    Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” is the most sought-after Grammy Awards host in the history of the event. Last year, he hosted the very first pandemic display, which featured the traditional awards and rather traditional performances but in a mid-setting before a small, spinning audience of artists, presenters, and staff. It’s a more regular event this year, but it’s been moved to Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena and rescheduled from its initial Jan. 31 date, with many modifications along the way.

    Trevor Noah And His Hosting Career

    Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah

    The anchor was born on February 20, 1984. He is a South African comic, tv personality, political analyst, and writer best known for anchoring the American television show The Daily Show from 2015 to 2016. He is also known for his stand-up comedy appearances, in which he frequently included remarks from his childhood in South Africa. Noah co-founded Day Zero Productions, a worldwide production, and distribution firm, with American media corporation Viacom in 2018. Noah launched On Second Thought in 2019, a podcast that features a variety of perspectives on sports, racism, and science.

    The comedian will host the Grammy Awards in 2022 and he is reportedly very excited.

    Trevor Discusses Adjusting To Host Upcoming Grammy

    Trevor Noah gives an interview
    Trevor Noah gives an interview

    In an interview with Variety, Trevor said, “I actually didn’t have to adjust to [hosting the Grammys] because I’d hosted the music awards in South Africa and a few others, so interestingly enough, I actually had to adjust to hosting ‘The Daily Show‘, “So if anything, it was me just dusting off the old awards-show bones and getting back into the rhythm of hosting that type of way.”

    When questioned about the hosting experience of last year, Noah said, “That is a fascinating question. There are two aspects to performing my work: one has been doing the job, and the other is observing how people react to the job you’ve done, albeit it was impossible to get a sense of that in this situation as there was no large audience. It was a Grammys unlike any other; the show was a really difficult affair; it was the invention of [executive producer] Ben Winston, and I believe he did a tremendous job — but it was truly a melding of many concepts, so I was just relieved that I didn’t screw it up and everything went as planned. I think I felt confident enough to attempt it once again!”

    “No, I don’t do it since I have no control over the situation. Rather than attempting to figure out what the director and showrunner want of me, I try to rely on them to tell me what they require of me. When I perform standup, I’m doing it for the audience, not for me, if that makes sense. So I’m trying to do what’s right for the show, the audience, my supervisors, and the director, among other things. I’m a tool, and at that stage, I’m attempting to be utilized efficiently.”

    Trevor Reveals His Favourite Performers And Albums

    Trevor And BTS
    Trevor And BTS

    When Trevor asked about whom is he excited to see perform this year, he said, “BTS is among my favorite performers of all time, and I’ve only seen a few artists put on shows as extravagant as theirs. Billie Eilish likewise puts on some unique performances. Who else… Kendrick Lamar has some of the finest performances I’ve ever seen, and the dance he puts together is simply out of this world. He probably won’t be at this year’s awards, but I think he does have some of the best performances I’ve ever seen.”

    Then he was asked which was his favorite album from 2021 to which he replied saying, “Sonic Silk. Only a few albums in the world don’t take oneself too literally, and yet what they do is both mystical and aesthetically amazing. “I wonder how this is going to work?” I thought when I first heard about Silk Sonic and the concept, but I’ve grown to love it; it’s one of my favorite albums of the year.”

    “(Laughing) To be honest, that’s something I’ve always admired about music. I have to be aware of you whether I’m doing comedy or hosting the Grammys; I can’t just get swept up in my act because that’s not my job.”

    For the first time, Grammy Awards are happening in Las Vegas. The Awards Show was from Los Angeles because of the Covid-19 surge in January. Sunday’s show will air live beginning at 8 pm Eastern on CBS and the Paramount+ streaming service.

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