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    Watch: Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Share Steamy Kisses At Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert In Paris

    Taylor Swift isn’t just turning up the romance for her and Travis Kelce at the ‘Eras Tour’. She’s also helping BFF Gigi Hadid be on the perfect musical date as the model cozies up with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper in one of Swift’s shows.

    The new couple was seen sharing a steamy kiss at one of many shows that Gigi attended in support of Taylor Swift. Here’s the clip and more details about their romantic date.

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    Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Musical Date

    Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid attended Taylor Swift's concert
    Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid attended Taylor Swift’s concert

    The couple was seen holding hands on Sunday night as they joined Travis Kelce to watch Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Paris.

    Bradley Cooper was seen holding the supermodel’s waist with his arms before pulling her in for a kiss in a video that was uploaded to TikTok. Gigi Hadid then held the actor’s face in her hands and continued to turn up the PDA as they grooved to Swift’s romantic number ‘The Alchemy’.

    “The two kept the PDA to a minimum, sneaking a kiss every now and then, and embracing every once and a while as the two sang to Taylor’s hits,” a source told Entertainment Tonight, adding, “The happy couple left the concert hand in hand and seemed very much in love.”

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    Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper’s Romance

    Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid
    Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid

    Gigi Hadid was first linked to Bradley Cooper in October 2023 after they were spotted leaving a diner together. Though no PDA was involved, many still assumed that a new romance must be brewing between the two stars. Thankfully, the rumors were right.

    As more time passed, sources started to fill in more details about the relationship, common details among these being that the two were having fun and had a lot of similarities as they discovered.

    In November a source said, “Bradley and Gigi are smitten with each other. The two enjoy spending time together and have introduced each other to the important people in their live. Last night, Bradley invited Gigi to a work dinner in NYC. They have bonded over their passion for working, their families and, most importantly, being a parent. People around them think they are great together,” an implication that things are more serious than what many assumed.

    They recently went on a double date with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift to California, shortly after they were spotted embracing in one of the photos shared by the Hadid family for her birthday. If sources are to be trusted, things are pretty serious between the two and might be going somewhere.

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