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    Watch: ‘Shogun’ Star Anna Sawai Gets Emotional Speaking To Tom Hiddleston About Playing A “Real Japanese Character” She Can Relate To In The Series

    When an actor plays a role, they expect it to reach the masses and if it’s an influential role, then a little difference made by it could complete the purpose of the role. Similarly, Anna Sawai got emotional on portraying an influential role.

    Anna played the role of Toda Mariko in ‘Shogunand many Japanese women came and praised her personally for playing the role. Moreover, Tom Hiddleston who is the beloved Loki in MCU also talked about his emotions with Loki.

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    Anna Sawai Got Emotional About Receiving Appreciation For ‘Shogun’ From Japanese Women

    Tom and Anna for Variety

    Tom Hiddleston and Anna Sawai discussed their recent roles in an emotional conversation. Hiddleston and Sawai sat down for Variety‘s actor’s interview and talked about their roles of Loki and Toda Mariko.

    Both of them shared their cherished experiences of portraying such great roles but Anna got emotional while talking about her character in ‘Shogun’ and people’s response to it.

    The actress said, “I’m trying not to get emotional…we were on the press tour in Washington, D.C., and we showed our first two episodes to a Japanese community. After the screening, multiple young girls came up to me and said, ‘This is the first time I’m seeing a real Japanese character that I can relate to.”

    Anna continued, “They were getting emotional as well, because it was something that they had internalized—not being able to speak, having to behave—and they thought that’s the way that they should be.”

    She added, “I feel like if I had seen characters like Mariko on-screen growing up, that would’ve formed me in a different way. I wouldn’t have internalized all those expectations.”

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    Tom Hiddleston On His Loki Legacy

    Tom and Anna

    Meanwhile, Tom Hiddleston also talked about playing the role of Loki and saying goodbye to one of his most beloved roles. Loki was part of him and whatever he is, Loki has contributed a major part to it. Tom said, “I just felt this wash of relief because it had been a very meaningful experience. That sense of … the exhale…It’s changed the whole course of my life, no question.”

    He continued, “I always saw Loki as a broken soul with a shattered heart, deeply damaged by the fact that he was unwanted. He’s mischievous and playful on the surface, but it’s masking all this pain”. 

    He had a sense of sympathy for the role of Loki. He added, “What I’ve loved about this series is tracing my way back to that vulnerable soul and healing that damage. Showing that pain can be transformed into courage and strength.”

    Here are a few tweets from people after the interview on X (Twitter):

    Well, some characters certainly impact actors and it’s heartening to see the gratitude and fulfillment they get out of them.

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