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    Watch: Taylor Swift Reveals ‘But Daddy, I Love Him’ Is A Phrase She Used During A “Teenage Tantrum” Thrown At Her Father 

    Taylor Swift is considered one of the greatest music artists of her time for several reasons, as most of today’s generation resonates with her art more than anyone else. The penchant she holds for conveying emotions that youngsters today may be going through has helped her earn some unparalleled fame.

    The Easter Eggs in her songs have earned her the tag of a genius songwriter. With the many symbolism and hidden meanings in her lyrics, the audience remains hooked to her songs. Her latest album The Tortured Poets Departmentalso has several such hidden messages, mostly for her exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy. Another easter egg about her hit track ‘But Daddy, I Love Him’ has come forth and is just as surprising as the rest of her hidden messages.

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    Taylor Swift’s Old Interview Resurfaces Causing Frenzy Around Her Track ‘But Daddy, I Love Him’

    Taylor Swift with her father
    Taylor Swift with her father

    Taylor Swift’s latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ is no exception to her penchant for lyrics with hidden meanings. Among its tracks, ‘But Daddy I Love Him‘ is widely believed to be about one of her exes, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy. While Swifties are convinced of their speculation, there’s another interesting anecdote that has come forth about the song.

    After the song quickly emerged as a fan favorite, a revelation from an old interview has thrown a curveball into the speculation. In a resurfaced 2008 interview with PopSugar, Taylor Swift recounted how some part of her hit song ‘Love Storydraws inspiration from an iconic line, “But daddy, I love him!” that she shouted at her father during a teenage outburst.

    This song, I wrote it right after my one epic teenage tantrum that I ever threw in my whole life. And I remember screaming something like ‘But daddy, I love him!’ and running out and storming into my room and slamming the door and then I sat down on the floor and wrote this song,” she can be heard saying in the interview.

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    Fans Now Think ‘But Daddy I Love You’ May Not Be About Matty Healy

    Taylor Swift with her parents
    Taylor Swift with her parents

    The song ‘But Daddy, I Love Him‘ has lyrics hinting at forbidden love, and fans are now nearly convinced that she isn’t singing about Matty Healy. In the song, she sings: “Now I’m running with my dress unbuttoned / Screaming ‘But Daddy I love him!’ / I’m having his baby / No, I’m not, but you should see your faces.”

    Many initially believed that the song was about Matty Healy because of his problematic and controversial image. The singer is known to have immature traits as openly confessed by himself. However, the resurfaced interview has turned the tables, with several other possibilities.

    Fans are now again trying to dissect the song’s lyrics for hidden meanings, with some interpreting them as dedicated to Swift’s current romance with NFL star Travis Kelce.

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