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    “We Kept A Record Babes”: Fifth Harmony Star Lauren Jauregui Condemns Noah Schnapp’s Apology Video

    The Israel-Hamas war is not seeing any progress toward a ceasefire, as the war affects Gaza civilians every day. While Israel is dragged into a court of law for committing genocide, the supporters of the Zionism cause, like the ‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp, are getting heavy vitriol online.

    Since the war broke out between Hamas and Israel in October 2023, Noah Schnapp has released a statement to stand in solidarity with the affected Israel and Gaza citizens. However, the actor has also liked posts that make a mockery of the Palestinian struggle. Recently, he released a video to explain his statement, but he is still under fire as the former Fifth Harmony singer, Lauren Jauregui, has condemned Noah’s half-baked apology video.

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    Lauren Jauregui Asks Noah Schnapp To Demand For A Ceasefire And End Of Israeli Occupation

    Lauren Jauregui asks Noah Schnapp to demand for a ceasefire
    Lauren Jauregui asks Noah Schnapp to demand for a ceasefire

    ‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp has been embroiled in several controversies for his actions and statements to show support for Israel and Zionism.

    However, the actor has received ire for his behavior and statements. In a recent TikTok, he explained his statement, saying that his thoughts and beliefs are “misconstrued”.

    Noah Schnapp has ensured that he has had conversations with his Palestinian friends to understand the situation better. Schnapp said that both sides want the same things—the return of hostages and “an end to the loss of innocent life in Palestine.”

    However, for Lauren Jauregui, it is not enough. The former Fifth Harmony singer has lashed out at the ‘Stranger Things’ star on Twitter, aka X. She wrote, “We kept a record babes ur on the internet liking & sharing your delusional propaganda, you were literally out here w “Zionism is Sexy” stickers, calling all Palestinians and those in support of them “terrorists”, so shut the actual fuck up about “I just want harmony for everyone”.”

    She concluded, writing, “Call for the end of the occupation and a ceasefire, until then you are exactly who you’ve shown yourself to be so, own that.

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    ‘Stranger Things’ Co-Star Brett Gelman Comes In Defense Of The Actor

    'Stranger Things' star Brett Gelman defends Noah Schnapp amidst the Palestinian controversy
    ‘Stranger Things’ star Brett Gelman defends Noah Schnapp amidst the Palestinian controversy

    After Noah Schnapp’s apology video, TMZ interviewed one of his ‘Stranger Things’ co-stars, Brett Gelman. He plays Murray Bauman, who helped Nancy and Jonathan unearth the truth about the Hawkins Lab. In the new interview, he defended Noah Schnapp for his stance and admitted that he found nothing wrong with his original statement.

    When the reporter asked about his views about Noah Schnapp walking back from his statement, Brett Gelman said, “I haven’t read the apology so I don’t know if he’s walking back or not I am not aware of what apology he’s made. I saw nothing wrong with the original thing he said.”

    The actor added, continued, “I think you know he held up a sticker, saying, ‘Zionism is sexy’, and he said Hamas is ISIS, Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Zionism is the belief that Israel should exist and that is sexy to me too.”

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