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    What Is ‘Kelce Jam’? Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Travis Kelce Announces Star-Studded Lineup Of His Music Festival

    Folks, get over Coachella because Travis Kelce is here with his star-packed music festival of the year, the Kelce Jam. Started in 2023, Travis Kelce’s own music festival is jammed with music and entertainment as well as a few big stars to perform, coming this May 18. The Super Bowl-winning parties, it seems, aren’t over yet

    Announcing the festival, Kelce said, “Kansas City, Kelce Jam is back baby! I’m excited to once again welcome fans for the ultimate day of music, food, and an electric experience celebrating Kansas City. Last year you exceeded my expectations when over 20,000 fans showed up in the rain to ‘fight for your right to party,’ and this year promises to be even more over the top as we welcome Lil Wayne, Diplo, and 2Chainz to the stage!”

    Talking about the event, Kelce told The Hollywood Reporter, “It was such a blast that I had to do it again this year. I’m so excited. I wanted to keep it fresh and keep it new, so this year we asked Lil Wayne, Diplo and 2 Chainz to come out and perform. And of course, we still got DJ Irie and my guy, DJ E-V, jumping it off, the hometown kid. We got to show the hometown love.”

    He continued, “But it’s going to be so much fun, and I cannot wait to get back out and celebrate with KC, man. It’s just a blast every single time we can get together to celebrate these back-to-back [Super Bowl wins] one last time.”

    Oh, and he might perform too. Hopefully. “I don’t know about performing. I’m going to leave that up to the professionals, but you’ll see me up there with the mic having some fun and trying to keep the crowd hype, and everybody excited for the next act” Kelce said, adding, “But yeah, I can’t help myself, man. Once I got a mic in my hand, you never know what I’ll do.”

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    Will Taylor Swift Be A Part Of Travis Kelce’s Kelce Jam 2024?

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Credits: X)
    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Credits: X)

    Sadly, no. Taylor Swift is currently on a break from her record-breaking ‘Eras Tour‘ and is rumored to not be a part of Kelce’s festival. Travis did, however, talk about the ways in which Taylor has taught him about live events.

    Gushing about his girlfriend when asked if he learned anything from watching her perform, Kelce said, “I did: Don’t try and be Taylor, that’s what I learned. Yeah, she’s on a whole other stratosphere. She’s the best at what she does for a reason. It’s because she’s so articulate and just very dialed into every single thing that she does. And that’s the beauty of it. I’d be silly if I ever tried to take anything from what she does, other than just enjoy the people that show up. I think that’s one thing I could probably take away: She really relates to the people she’s performing in front of, and so I’ll take that.”

    He also added, “It’s impressive” that she performs 4-hour-long shows.

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