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    “He’s Really Becoming Even More Obnoxious”: Swifties Label Travis Kelce As A Complete Red Flag After His Drunk Celebration

    Swifties are the kind of fandom you can compare with your overprotective best friend. They are the ones who see the red flags before you and try to warn you off. After the sporty Taylor Swift-filled football season, the fans are starting to believe that the red goes beyond the Jerseys.

    Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce recently led his team to victory in Super Bowl LVIII, marking a historic back-to-back win for the franchise. However, his celebratory antics at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade are making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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    Travis Kelce’s Parade Performance Turns Into Trouble

    Travis Kelce Chiefs' Super Bowl parade
    Travis Kelce Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade

    As the parade unfolded, a jubilant Kelce who was visibly intoxicated, took the stage to entertain the gathered crowd. The first wrong move that made the Swifties cringe was his poor attempt at singing. The NFL star tried to tune Garth Brooks’ hit ‘Friends In Low Places’ modifying the lyrics to take a jab at the 49ers. 

    To make the bad matters worse Kelce’s inebriated state became all too obvious when he struggled to even finish the already butchered song. Travis’s intoxicated behavior then prompted teammates Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes to step in and help him off the stage. We don’t have a Ph.D. in Swiftiology but that’s no way to make a good impression on Travis, especially after the still burning hot ‘red flag’ claims thanks to his on-field conversation with his coach.

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    Swifties Think Travis Is A Red Flag

    Travis Kelce Chiefs' Super Bowl parade
    Travis Kelce Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade

    A celebration is not one to be shamed for. Travis and the team along with Taylor Swift have celebrated the win since they held the trophy. The clips from their victory party in Las Vegas are still going viral on the internet. While the world has moved on and Taylor is halfway across it to on the job, Travis is still in party mode. Swifties expressed concern over Kelce far from far-from-appropriate behavior at the parade, labeling it as another ‘red flag’.

    Social media buzzed with comments questioning whether Kelce’s recent actions align with the public image expected of a sports figure and Taylor Swift’s partner.

    Swifties expressed their disappointment on X as one fan tweeted, “This speaks volumes about Taylor Swift.” Another remarked, “This is Taylor Swift’s man? Classy stuff.” Concerns were also raised about Kelce’s role model status, with one user stating, “He is a role model who in the past 4 days looks like an angry drunk.” More opinions over the tight end’s behavior were expressed by the fans, “I have been a fan or travis and Taylor – but this is just sad.”  One fan even called him “obnoxious.”

    While Kelce’s on-field achievements are undisputed, his post-Super Bowl revelry has sparked debates. 

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